Atomwinter – Catacombs

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Atomwinter‘s third album Catacombs is the newest material from the German quartet, who has been delivering some diabolical death metal records. Atomwinter’s unholy fidelity towards OSDM seems to take some steady leaps into evolving. And with the release of their new album Catacombs, they sound more aggressive and heavy than ever. Loading the new songs with chunky guitar riffs, hyperactive drumming and monstrous death growls. The terrific opening of Catacombs shows that those lads are up to some classic death metal music.

Atomwinter has installed a basic formula to their style with chainsaw buzz guitars and crushing drums, which allows their songs to feed on chunky riffs and brutality. Most of the German death metal bands have unparalleled style, but the fact is that the Swedish death metal scene has been very influential to many bands who seek to re-cycle the classic style of OSDM. Atomwinter frontman Olle Holzschneider‘s sinister growls are matching perfectly with the music, the drums are performed firmly by Patrick W., Benni G. guitar riffs are heavy as fuck, Martin S. handles the bass and does a damn good job.

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Catacombs include some interesting quality tunes, tracks like Dark Messiah, Sadistic Intent and the heavy doom track Gathering of the Un-dead are very vicious and sinister. Despite of the OSDM orientation, Atomwinter seems to have a variety of styles showcased in their songs, ranging from fast to groovy and mid pacing death metal. It’s not difficult to find similarities to other bands in them and Atomwinter doesn’t really offer anything very fresh or new here. All ten tracks have a considerable amount of rawness to them and the album cover says it all actually. The sense of shapeless cadavers and the piles of bones and skeletons gives you the impression of what kind of music you are going to expect! Atomwinter has set Necromancer with enough solidity and rawness, menacing with mid pacing death metal style.

Though Atomwinter have kept a few surprises with the last three tracks: Morbid Lies will hit you with a bat as it starts fast and brutal. Closing track Funeral of Flesh is on the other hand a very slow doom track and has a lot of similarities to Asphyx! The duration time of the new album is 39:59 minutes exactly and finally Atomwinter has released a solid death metal album which I’m very much pleased with!

Release date : February 9th, 2018
Label: Trollzorn Records
3.Dark Messiah
4.Sadistic Intent
5.Ancient Rites
6.Gathering of the Undead
7.Carved in Stone
9.Morbid Lies
10.Funeral of Flesh


  • Music7/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals7/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality7/10
7.4Atomwinter’s unholy fidelity towards OSDM seems to take some steady leaps into evolvement. And with the release of their new album Catacombs they sound more aggressive and heavy.