Blood Incantation – Timewave Zero

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Colorado-based death metal act Blood Incantation has set neophyte standards to 2019’s “Hidden History of the Human Race”. While the idea of creating something different from what the band achieved in the past was somehow destined to see the light in the future, for the first time in the band’s career, Blood Incantation presents a mosaic of ambient and psychedelic sounds. “Timewave Zero” is arguably the most adventurous and experimental work featuring ambient soundscapes composed by synth, bass guitar and strings. The EP comes in two editions containing two lengthy instrumental songs extended to twenty minutes each, while the limited edition includes a bonus track “Chronophagia” which is the longest track with playtime of approximately twenty-seven minutes.

Despite the fact that the song composition swerves away from their usual death metal sound, Blood Incantation contrived to transform the musical installation into an immersive experience. By channeling vast cosmic images through synthesizer and ambient surroundings of eerie textures, it is beyond question to perceive such intricate work that links between the ambient spectrum and the psychedelic effects. “Timewave Zero” offers a diverse range of elements that you won’t hear from any band in the death metal genre. Even though the idea isn’t relative to this sub-genre, the trippy sounds here remind me of Pink Floyd’s classic concert “Live at Pompeii”.  

Crossing the ancient realm of space and beyond “Io” feels like you are flying in ancient spaceship gliding through the vast galaxies. The eerie soundscapes in this epic track infuse an apocalyptic and horror environment that is perfectly wrought to produce eerie frequencies. The whole experience feels like you are watching some frightening images of the extra-terrestrial film that is composed of a cinematic theme. The space-focused music conjures up images of science fiction movies like Alien, The Thing, and Prometheus. The music rapidly evolves into a more experimental side where “Timewave Zero” doesn’t only emphasize the dark atmosphere, but the composition is far more innovative, stylized, and concentrated.  

The sonic odyssey of “Ea” begins with the eerie crescendo of the synth creating a cinematic cosmic realm that will immediately carry you into the outer regions of space. Just like the awe-inspiring album cover art, there are considerable elements from the seventies science fiction movies that conjure themes of extraterrestrial horror. Though the main theme provokes the intellectual spirit, the drifting soundscapes are brought to perfection. The atmosphere of the lush synth washes in and out leaving an emotional impact on the listener, and the fluid dynamics beautifully interflow with the strumming strings. 

Each moment the music provides an epic journey by blending the eerie sounds that serve as a backdrop to the floating crescendo. There is some background noise that stimulates the sounds of the shooting stars, and other uncanny moments that makes the music somehow mysterious. The juxtaposition of the synth and gentle strings brings a surreal quality with otherworldly sounds, electronic soundscapes, and dark mood combined with this dreamlike experience the music transcends far and beyond. The composition is vastly influential as it captures the classic era of the seventies style, there is some resemblance to bands like Opeth and Pink Floyd.  

Blood Incantation probes a profound experience reflecting upon the visual and the cinematic aspect. Setting new dimensions within their aural and intellectual art, the uncanny mixture of these cosmic patterns and psychedelic ambiance is brought by inventive visualization that can be implemented into a brilliant cinematic spectacle. Blood Incantation brings a sense of depth to their orchestrated work of art, the layered synth generates shimmering currents shedding light upon your journey to the vast space. The multitude of instrumental textures produces cosmic pulses hypnotizing you with splendorous vibes and this is the essence of such performance that seems fulfilled by the Colorado-based quartet.  

Timewave Zero” steers the course of your astral body on a long journey to hidden galaxies and dazzling star gates, the integrated music puts you under the trance as you lose yourself in the spherical realms of space. For those who are looking for an unreal musical voyage, Blood Incantation bends time and space on this release and offers a deep spiritual odyssey. A very high recommendation for fans of dungeon synth and ambient music. 

Release Date: February 25th, 2022
Label: Century Media Records

  1. Io
  2. Ea
  3. Chronophagia (bonus track)


  • Music9/10
  • Composition9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality9/10
9“Timewave Zero” steers the course of your astral body on a long journey to hidden galaxies and dazzling star gates, the integrated music puts you under the trance as you lose yourself in the spherical realms of the space.
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