Cocaine Piss – The Dancer

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What can you do when your pupu is shiny again? Cocaine Piss knows the answer to that question. Write a new album and go across the pond to work with the famed Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies) to help finish the product. The final result is their newest album, The Dancer.

Cocaine Piss is an odd outfit that makes sure they leave a mess behind wherever they mount the stage. In a very short time they’ve gathered a whole bunch of people to jump on the hype train. Where some end up derailed, they knew where to go. With countless shows throughout the Benelux in the footsteps of many great names they quickly climbed the ranks and established themselves as a solid name in the alternative Belgian music scene. They didn’t even go unnoticed by the mainstream media. Despite the fact that they’ve had a busy year filled with shows behind them, they found the time to travel all the way to Chicago to work on their newest album. With The Dancer they finally brought us Cocaine Piss as they want it to be. They are ready to unleash what they’ve gathered over the year.

When I first started listening to The Dancer I had to get used to the new sound. When you’ve listened countless of times to their first EP The Pool and have seen them just as much live in the nooks and crannies of Belgium, I guess you get used to a certain sound. With The Dancer however they bring a whole new sound to the crowd. First thing you’ll notice, if you’ve heard their previous work, are the vocals. They sound very clean (The Pool had vocal effects throughout the entire album). And it doesn’t stop there, all the instruments sound very clear and distinctable. It’s evident that their work with Steve Albini was well worth it. The production quality is undoubtedly top notch. In the end I had the album on repeat without even noticing it.

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But don’t worry, Cocaine Piss is still the band we all love and like. With short bursts of energy, ridiculous lyrics and with a silly party hat on they’re more back than ever (were they ever gone though?). They’re still that tornado on adrenalin, creating havoc and mayhem wherever they go. Armed with songs like Cosmic Bullshit and Black Speedo they have an entire new arsenal of songs to blow off the crowd’s socks. Ranging from straight in your face punk riffs to the occasional silly tune, The Dancer has it all. But there’s more to their songs than meets the eye. Their lyrics might appear silly and random at first. But read them through a second time and you’ll notice the strong statements they make through their music. Statements we’ll gladly dance to!

It’ll be another exciting year for Cocaine Piss. With their new material ready and released, their live shows will definitely be a whole different experience. People beware because this Glittershitstorm laced in superglue is going to suck you up and won’t let you go!

Release Date: September 30th, 2016
label: Hypertension Records
1. Ugly Face On
2. Sex Weirdos
3. Cosmic Bullshit
4. The Dancer
5. Plastic Plants
6. Average Romance
7. Shiny Pants
8. Elegance
9. Sport Things
10. This Is No Fashion Show
11. The Player Without A Team
12. Black Speedo
13. Happiness
14. Nostalgia

Also make sure to check out their two singles Cosmic Bullshit 7″ and Sex Weirdos 7″ where other artists get their hands on some of their older tracks.