Devin Townsend – Devolution Series #2 – Galactic Quarantine

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As Devin Townsend announced earlier this year, he has been using the COVID downtime to work on new material for upcoming albums. For a current lack of touring possibilities and encounters with fans on the road he decided to do a series of live albums. These are live shows and generally interesting projects that keep people entertained while he’s busy on his next larger releases. This one, ‘Galactic Quarantaine’, is the second installment of this so called ‘Devolution Series’.

It was recorded in 2020 in various places around the world as a replacement show for the COVID affected ‘Empath Vol 2 European Tour‘ and cancelled summer festivals. It originally aired on September 5th 2020 on This facilitates his ability to keep working on new material without the financial benefits of touring. While typing this, Devin announced ‘Lightwork Tour 2022’ , an European tour for Spring 2022 in support of his new album for which he has started recording with GGGarth Richardson at The Farm Studios in Vancouver BC.

The ‘Galactic quarantaine’ is a kind of best of with classics from SYL to Ziltoid through his last work ‘Empath’. If you order the Blu Ray or DVD you can watch the sci-fi experience setting that was used to record this. It’s quite impressive as you know that each musician was somewhere else on the planet. It doesn’t have the same vibe as a true live concert, you just can’t have it all. With impressive versions of ‘All Hail The New Flesh’,’ Kingdom‘ and ‘Spirits Will Collide‘ to name just a few, brought by fellow musicians Liam Wilson, Samus and Wes Haugh we still get enough to satisfy our need for live music.

Galactic Quarantaine‘ is a must have/collector’s item for the die hard fan of Devin Townsend or for those who are curious about how versatile this true artist is. While these are nice things to have, we are eager to hear about the new material Devin is writing. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer.

Release Date : June 25th 2021
Label : Inside Out Music
Tracklist :

  1. Velvet Kevorkian
  2. All Hail The New Flesh
  3. By Your Command
  4. Almost Again
  5. Juular
  6. March Of The Poozers
  7. Supercrush!
  8. Hyperdrive
  9. Stormbending
  10. Deadhead
  11. Aftermath
  12. Love?
  13. Spirits Will Collide
  14. Kingdom
  15. Detox


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production/MIX9/10
  • Artwork/Packaging8/10
  • Originality8/10
8.4'Galactic Quarantine' brings die hard fans of Devin Townsend a sci-fi experience supported by a selection from his huge back catalog.
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