From Ashes To New – Panic

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From Ashes To New is an American nu metal/rap metal band formed in 2013. It’s a band that tries to relive the good old nu metal days when bands like Papa Roach and Linkin Park were big and hot. They now released their third album called ‘Panic’.

We kick off with ‘Scars That I’m Hiding’ and what we hear at once is that Linkin Park vibe. A lot of bands are trying to jump on the hype train that the new Bring Me The Horizon started but these guys have been doing it for a while and do it very well. There even is a cool guest appearance in the form of Anders Fridén from the melodic death metal band In Flames. So if he believes in this why would we say otherwise.

‘Brick’ introduces some rap lines. Bands like Linkin Park, Limb Bizkit,… did this 20 years ago and now they thought it’s time to bring this back. And they are right. ‘What I Get’ is a catchy/mainstream track possibly too soft for the die hard metalheads but too hard for the radio. But who cares? It sounds awesome. Then we have ‘Blind’; a slower track with again the introduction of some rap lines.

‘SideFX’ is one of my personal favorites because of the melodic riffs they use, it just fits perfectly. ‘Panic’ is my first encounter with these guys and I was hooked because they have their own different signature sound despite using rap and pop music like nu metal back in the day.

‘Wait For Me’ is again a slower song. It’s a cheesy love song but it sounds good. With ‘Bulletproof’ they will easily get the label of rap metal cause they use a lot rap in this song. ‘Nothing’ then, sounds a lot like ‘Bulletproof.’ ‘Death Of Me’ could be a new song of Papa Roach and we end with ‘Change My Past’ in Linkin Park style.

These guys seem to be trying to bring nu metal back from the dead and why not. The fans who listen to Devildriver or Behemoth might find this crap but fans who dig bands like Linkin Park or Papa Roach or even the new Bring Me The Horizon should definitely give this a try.

Release Date: August 28th, 2020
Label: Better Noise Music

  1. Scars That I’m Hiding (feat. Anders Fridén)
  2. Brick
  3. What I Get
  4. Blind
  5. SideFX
  6. Panic
  7. Wait For Me
  8. Bulletproof
  9. Nothing
  10. Death Of Me
  11. Change My Past


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production/Mix8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality 7/10
7.8From Ashes To New brings nothing new but we are not looking for something new. These guys bring a genre back to live that was dead. And they do it really good so let's see if they start up the hype from 20 years ago.
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