Funeral Storm – Chthonic Invocations

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Greek black metal stalwarts Funeral Storm returns with their sophomore offering 'Chthonic Invocations' out via Hell's Headbangers Records on May 10th, 2024, five years after releasing their stellar first full-length album 'Arcane Mysteries' which manifested its grim unholy traits of true Hellenic black metal by spreading its occult mysticism in the classic method of bands like Rotting Christ and Varathron.

Chthonic Invocations’ style remains highly devoted to the forefathers of Greek black metal: the new songs bring the ancient aura of bands like Rotting Christ and Varathron. The riffing is charged by muted melodic tremolo pickings and draws all aspects of the classic raw sound of the 90s musical structures. The returning lineup consists of Wampyrion (guitars, vocals, bass, drums programming and keyboards), Stefan Necroabyssious (vocals), Arcania (guitars and keyboards) and a new member Merihem (rhythm guitar).

The cult persona of the band combines aggression, blast beats with atmospheric keyboards in the background which creates a majestic feeling in the opening intro ‘Whispers from the Beyond’. Funeral Storm defines its raw evil sound through the classic albums of Varathron like ‘His Majesty at the Swamp’ and ‘Walpurgisnacht’. The band members have once again composed tracks with simple and repetitive formula as they include haunting melodic passages played in the rawer fashion of the second wave of black metal.

There are varied musical structures in the next song ‘Behold The Dark’, the mystical atmosphere inspired by the cult classics of the genre where the music invokes the epic tremolo sections bolstered by the rapid pace of the drums. The songs are cohesive and led by the grim growls of Stefan Necroabyssious.

Unlike the standard black metal bands Funeral Storm masterfully combines melodic pathos from Varathron and Rotting Christ fit perfectly to encapsulate all these elements flawlessly. Mesmerizing rhythm guitars enhance the listening experience on the next song ‘The Void’ which alternates between the mid to fast-paced blast beats. Reinforced by the harmony of the catchy riffing patterns and the bass guitar, soaring lead guitar melodies can create vast musical hooks.

The riffs are memorable as they maintain the cult visage of authentic Hellenic black metal. The catchiest quality on the album is the impressive use of the tremolos and subtle keys in the background carried by the grim growls. However, the incorporation of the majestic riffs is fully focused on the harmony of the melodic leads. A burst of glorious charge propels the sound from rawer tempos to fast blast beats, showcasing the robust dynamics with their grim atmosphere and fast thrashing black metal riffing surge into a glorious Spartan march on ‘Funeral Pyre’.

Ethereal mystical synth dances off the majestic guitar lines with the scathing rhythm that haunts the memories of the past. The riffing has overt heavy metal riffs, tackled by the raw classic compositions of tremolo picking.

While to some the sophomore might not be considered superior to the band’s first studio album, nonetheless, Funeral Storm brings a classic and rawer approach, tracks like ‘The Epitaph of the Dead’ are some of my favorite songs. It begins with fast, rapid sharp muted tremolos and power chords are backed by the savage incantation growls. While this song is played fast, it has an organic feel overall.

The vocals of Stefan Necroabyssious range from quite raspy black metal growls to grim-sounding screeches that send chills down your spine. ‘The Covenant of Old’ has monstrous opening riffs. There are some atmospheric keyboards utilized, which ebb and flow, building to a crescendo. It starts at a mid-paced tempo, then midway through the song the drums expertly utilize fast blast beats with the keyboards adding textures to the song.

Mistress of the Night (The Gathering Begins)’ is full of memorable melodies. The constant riffing is remarkable and evocative because of how the guitar lines and keyboards convey an eerie atmosphere with the creeping menace of the screeching growls becoming more integral to the composition of the song. The album concludes with an instrumental five-minute track ‘The Calling of the Father’. It comprises slow guitar strings, ominous keyboard soundscapes and grim spoken words.

Instead of refining their craft, Funeral Storm bestows the fans another level of a majestic piece of Hellenic black metal. The sophomore essentially channels the rawer characteristic side of the band and distinguishes its style from the previous album.


  • Music / Songwriting 9/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 8/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 9/10
  • Originality 9/10

‘Chthonic Invocations’ sets its scope wider. The new album treads in a different direction, but it certainly sets a diverse sound and succeeded in obtaining remarkable sonic qualities.

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