Holding Absence – The Greatest Mistake of My Life

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Normally I write some sort of intro, but this album just grabs on to you right away. So let me tell you straight away what ‘The Greatest Mistake of My Life‘, the second album by Holding Absence is offering. ‘Awake‘ is, surprisingly, a piano opening. A very intense minute of music that enhances itself halfway through. In the background, the words “I’m alive” are being whispered. The feeling that you are laying on water, everything is peaceful and you are zen. Smoothly, it goes over to the next song, called ‘Celebration Song’. Then, “I’m alive” is sung out loud at the top of the lungs of lead singer Lucas Woodland.

‘’The truth is that you’ve hurt me for so long, and here is my celebration song’’

The song sounds dark at first, but then it’s saying that even if you are down right now, you are also alive right now. So you should break free and make the best out of it. Celebrate life. 

Curse Me With Your Kiss’ is a heavier rock song that shows more visible drums and electric guitars. Somebody in the comments on YouTube wrote: ‘’This song makes me go out in the cold rain and just forget about everything’’. I think that describes the best how this song makes you feel. Holding Absence creates this atmosphere around their songs that makes you feel emotional but also very safe. ‘Afterlife’ is very catchy and powerful. This song has the most ‘rock’ in it up until now. Lead singer Lucas Woodland sings on the verge of clean and scream. He shows a lot of control over his voice. Drummer Ashley Green is going all out on it in the video too. All together, it’s a very nice rock song to put on repeat and rock out to. 

”I know I’m out of sight, but am I out of mind”.

Drugs and Love’ is a cry for help for people who have an addiction. Wanting to forget, wanting to don’t feel anything. People in the lives of people with an addiction want to help them, but can not know what to do anymore. Sometimes they lose themselves in an attempt to pull their loved one out of that crap situation. That’s the love part. This message is told by a beautiful, steady rock song. 

For ‘In Circles’, I’m going to use one of the comments again on a YouTube video: ‘’This is another one of those songs which you’ll listen to in a few years and you’ll know exactly who you were and the nostalgia will set in and take you back there’’. I 100% agree. This is exactly the feeling that Holding Absence creates. And apparently a lot of people can relate to it and enjoy a song, or even an album, that embraces that feeling. ‘Nomoreroses’ opens with dramatic strumming on the electric guitar. Then this lyric follows:

‘’If God is just and fair, why wasn’t my heart spared?’’

And yeah, that’s a good question. The world is full of unfair things unfortunately. But that has never stopped us, has it? This song about the pain of love, on a platter of a lighter form of metal core, with the voice of Lucas at the point in between singing and screaming. This is another song that stabs you right in the heart. At the end, it fades out beautifully and almost peaceful. 

Die Alone (in Your Lover’s Arms)’ is already a powerful title to begin with and probably the most emotional song of the album. That says a lot, because this whole album is really emotional. It starts with a piano opening with a woman’s voice whispering on top of it. Then a soft electric guitar and steady drums guide you through the rest of the song. ‘Phantoms’ is a short, a little over a minute, story telling with a soft instrumental tone behind it. A women talks about the loss of a loved one. How she would have done anything to reach him if she only knew it was his last day. You never know when it is the last day, so never leave without making things right. The video illustrates this beautifully by the use of mirrors.

The song that follows, ‘Mourning Song’, is the perfect follow up for ‘Phantoms’. Closer of the album and title song ‘The Greatest Mistake of My Life’ shows lead singer Lucas on the piano covering an old song from 1937 by Grace Fields with the same title. Apparently, the uncle of Lucas’ grandmother did a cover of the song in the 50’s or 60’s. He decided to do a version of it by himself. What a closer that is to this very emotional album. This emotion is brought to you on a bed of a genre that could be called metal core, but is mostly not as heavy as expected when hearing the name of the genre.

Lucas’ voice is often on the edge of screaming and singing, a very special way of controlling his voice. But this style in combination with how the music fits in the background makes this music very recognizable for Holding Absence. With this being only their second album, I can imagine why they won Best UK Breakthrough Band in 2019. Because let me tell you one thing: this album will haunt your heart and your brain until you decide to give in to it and let it devour you.

Holding Absence is:
Lucas Woodland – Vocals
James Joseph – Bass
Scott Carey – Guitar
Ashley Green – Drums

Release date: April 16, 2021
Label: Sharptone Records

  1. Awake
  2. Celebration Song
  3. Curse Me With Your Kiss
  4. Afterlife
  5. Drugs and Love
  6. In Circles
  7. Nomoreroses
  8. Beyond Belief
  9. Die Alone (In Your Lover’s Arms)
  10. Phantoms
  11. Mourning Song
  12. The Greatest Mistake of My Life


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production/Mix9/10
  • Artwork/Packaging8/10
  • Originality 9/10
8.6Al the emotions of this album are brought to you on a bed of a genre that could be called metalcore, but is mostly not as heavy as expected when hearing the name of the genre. It is powerful, but also very timid at the same time.
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