Jungle Rot – A Call to Arms

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Death metal forerunners Jungle Rot have been following their own path of playing a warmongering style of death metal, since 1992 the Wisconsin quartet has achieved standard status in the underground scene in the USA. The 11th album “A Call to Arms” delivers an aggressive combo of hostility, in terms of the direction of the songs Jungle Rot give their fans exactly what they want. The lineup features Dave Martise (vocals, Guitars), James Genez (bass), Geoff Bub (guitars), and Spenser Syphers (drums).

Upon my first listen to the album, Dave Martise and co. have strengthened the incendiary riff structure, and the tempo provokes a storm of rage on the opening album title track “A Call to Arms“. Jungle Rot returns to manifest heavy grooves, and angry pissed off vocals. And the result is an energetic combination of powerful riffing and stomping drums. The songwriting takes many influences from thrash metal bands with songs like “Beyond the Grave” bursting out in a series of rapid drum beats which explains the high intensity of the overall performance. The striking guitars are pushed to the forefront with the tempo thriving on supercharged riffs and the drums are highly vigorous. In terms of consistency, Jungle Rot put its effort to the maximum with the rapid flow of the guitars resulting in a powerful acceleration. The songwriting expands through the range of grooves that ensures speed and dynamics.

A Call to Arm” is a great follow up to the band’s previous album and I must say that the fans will surely appreciate the effort. The impressive opening of “Genocidal Imperium” rumbles through its powerful guitar tone. As the track builds on aggression, the U.S. quartet builds some intensity and the use of the atmospheric guitars and dual vocals evoke a combination of impulsive aggression. The songs are loud and bouncy, where “Asymmetric Warfare” provides fresh songwriting ingredients, Jungle Rot reminds us of its blatant exercise in grooves. Thrusting into an energetic tempo, the guitars demonstrate a full range of powerful riffs, and the modern sound production propels the tone of the booming riffs.

Vengeance & Bloodlust” excesses in delivering barbaric hostility with the mixture of the scornful vocals, drum artillery, and the force of the grooving guitars are damned ballsy. “A Call to Arms” embodies everything the band has achieved in the past, “Maggot Infested” is infectiously intense, and the adrenaline ride seems to be fired up with firm cohesion. Having been around for 30 years, Jungle Rot has honed irrefutable skills, the band’s musical prowess and maturity display a defiant style to which they have aspired. Dave Martise‘s growls are recognizable while the sharpened skills of Geoff Bubs tackle 80’s thrash and old-school death metal which has a classic feel. The solo sections are well placed and there seems to be some focus on the lead guitars as well. On the mid-tempo level, it is remarkable how the drums have the agility to gallop along with the massive riffs.

Keeping the fundamental sound to strength, “A Call to Arms” will immediately grab you by the neck. “Death Squad” continues at a rapid pace with the guitars being driven by sheer hostility, double bass played at focused impetus. There is no room for criticism on the band’s 11th album, the songs are loaded with explosive velocity though the main strength here is the enthusiastic approach to writing hefty fresh songs. Jungle Rot has always had the zeal of dynamism while still proving themselves the formula utilizes infectious guitar riffs, and the drums are standard for the brand of death metal which they play.

The remaining song titles such as “Total Extinction” prove the dexterity of writing fierce death metal songs, even though the drums don’t emphasize blast beats, Jungle Rot lay hold of the combative warmongering style of death and I must say that “A Call to Arms” strikes at savage nature that is quite raw and organic!

Despite the short length of the album, Jungle Rot keeps you hooked to their standard brutality, the final track “Population Suicide” has the significance trademark of injecting grooves and double bass into the mix. Riffs are honed like a sharp razor and laden with tremolo-picked riffs, perhaps one of the features of the album is the use of the atmospheric lead guitars that seems to add some kind of ominous aura to the songs.


  • Music / Songwriting 8/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 8/10
  • Mix / Production 9/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 9/10

“A Call to Arms” is a top-notch death metal record filled with robust energy. Jungle Rot on the newest album flawlessly nails its sound and personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if they will be regarded as an elite band.


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