Redemption – I Am The Storm

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Redemption is a band that has been already around in the metal scene for over twenty years. Really never followed this band, untll now as a friend told me to check out this new album 'I Am The Storm'. Nick van Dyk is the main songwriter and has the ability to express himself through music with on the one hand melancholic and on the other hand hopeful melodies. With Tom Englund ( Evergrey ) as the new singer who replaces the even more iconic Ray Adler from Fates Warning, Redemption shows us that Tom is the right man for the right job.

We are kicking off with the title track that starts bombastic and could fit at once on an Evergrey release. This is song is one of the heaviest and contains all the things one can expect from musicians that have been around for so long. Next to the addition of Tom, we have also a fresh keyboard wizard in the name of Vikram Shanker who has also co-produced this album . On ‘The Emotional Depiction Of Light’ he was responsible for writing the most parts which is one of the highlights on the album. Dynamic, emotional and with Tom‘s emotional on top of it, close your eyes and imagine what music can do for you. You should also check out the remix he did for this song.

‘Remember the Dawn’  and ‘Seven Minutes From Sunset’ are more drawing cinematic landscapes on this album, while ‘I Am Resilience’ has a bit of a spoken word style like we find back in Megadeth. Is it a surprise that Chris Poland makes a guest appearance here. This is the song of the guests as we also have Henrik from Evergrey. There is also a 14 minute masterpiece with all the prog goodness inside of it. It seems that no progband can do it without an opus of +10 minutes long. It’s very well written and reminds almost of a journey through emotional music cinema. It showcases also what each band member is capable of, as if we didn’t already know that. I have to say, the guitar solo’s on this piece are very nice to hear.

My friend told me that Redemption has the tradition to do some covers of very not so metal songs. Apparently they have done in the past songs from Faith No More to Tori Amos and Toto. On this album we found a very heavy cover of Genesis‘ ‘Turn It On Again’ and a rendition of the Peter Gabriel classic ‘Red Rain’.

From the first time I heared Redemption I have to say, with all these quality musicians in it , this couldn’t go wrong. I read here and there that fans have problem with the change of the style of singing. Well , replacing Ray Alder is impossible, but Tom has also a very unique voice which fits the music surprisingly well. Give this album a chance, embrace the past, look at the future.


  • Music / Songwriting 9/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 9/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 8/10

Redemption is a band that you just can’t limit to any one genre, with ‘I Am The Storm’ this meltdown of musicians delivers a mix of hard, melodic, thrash and power metal to a progressive metal music explosion. One of the best progressive metal acts of the last decade.

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