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Leprous has been developing their sound for years now. In the beginning of their career they were more working towards a guitar orientated progressive band like a lot of other progressive bands are trying to achieve. Yet they were already standing out as they topped it all with their unique voicing. The fifth album Malina sounded a little bit more mainstream and less heavy progressive. So now it’s time for their sixth effort, Pitfalls, a continuation of where Malina left off.

Progressive can mean a lot, you have for example Opeth on the one side, where it is more 70’s sounded orientated. On the other side you have the more technical approaches. And then you have Leprous, a band that tries to cut the boundaries between alternative, pop and progressive. Pitfalls is an album where the vocals and keyboards have a bigger role than the guitars. Fans of the first hour might not like this album much due to the lack of high energetic guitar parts. The songs that Leprous are displaying on this album contain a lot of emotions all put together in a progressive context.

From songs like Below to the explosiveness of Distant Bells shows us what great composers Leprous have become and how they try to develop their distinct sound even more. Alleviate is a very simple song, yet it stands out due to its structure and performance. Take a deep breath for the otherworldly vocals that Einar is showing on this composition. Although the album kicks off very softly and on the first part of the album there aren’t much guitar orientated parts, as the album is continuing we can find some more progressive parts on this album. Foreigner and The Sky Is Red are examples that Leprous does not forget how they started. On the other hand they are not afraid to give their songs even a more poppy sound, Observe The Train has even got a Radiohead vibe to it.

To accept this album in its entirety it might take you a couple of spins before getting it completely. Just sit back or do some work, put on Pitfalls and just enjoy the music, over and over. Pitfalls is a a brilliant piece of art and also risky because it might be too alternative for the progressive fans and too progressive for the more alternative listeners, nevertheless, one of the finest releases of this year.

Release Date : October 25th, 2019
Label : Inside Out Music
Tracklist :

  1. Below (05:53)
  2. I Lose Hope (04:44)
  3. Observe The Train (05:08)
  4. By My Throne (05:45)
  5. Alleviate (03:42)
  6. At The Bottom (07:21)
  7. Distant Bells (07:23)
  8. Foreigner (03:52)
  9. The Sky Is Red (11:22)


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production/mix8/10
  • Artwork/Packaging8/10
  • Originality9/10
8.2"Pitfalls" is the album that nobody expected from Leprous. Alternative and progressive mixed as one topped with beautiful emotional melodies.
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