Archgoat – Worship The Eternal Darkness

Since 1989, Finnish diabolical horde Archgoat set the underground scene with their morbid craft. While falling somewhere between the brute force of primordial death metal and primitive black metal, they aptly formed the aesthetics of war metal. The absolute savageness of the oppressive pummeling, textures and carving of raw aggressive riffs gave them a very ancient sound on their previous albums like “Whore of Bethlehem” and “The Apocalyptic Triumphator”. Archgoat’s fifth album “Worship The Eternal Darkness” is elaborated on the blasphemous themes of satanic rituals and occult practices as well as the black mass of nude women crucified on the altar. Formed by the two siblings Lord Angelslayer (bass, vocals), and Ritual Butcherer (guitars), they made one hell of a reputation for finding a niche among the modern extreme bands. 

Fans who have delved into the band’s back catalogue will find “Worship The Eternal Darkness” an excellent addition to their music collection. The new songs are utterly unholy and infectiously reinforced by the rumbling tremolo barrages that represent the early wave of the black metal. Archgoat delivers exactly what you expect from this infernal cult, the opening track “Heavens Ablaze” is a Christ-hating black metal anthem full of cold-blooded violence. The band employs a brutal amalgamation of raw black metal that resembles acts such as Blasphemy, Beherit, and Impaled Nazarene. With a boast of sadistic punk attitude coursing through the tracks the guitars bring some notable surprises in the mix. The heavy slowdown tunes show the influences of the late eighties and early nineties death metal. 

Songs like “Black Womb Gnosis” are firmly rooted in raw black metal. The drums and guitars kick off into full intensity bringing a blend of the demonic principalities. The ominous samples of church bells and the bombarded blast beats add to the sense of evil, the hyper bludgeoning of drummer Goat Aggressor perfectly contrast to the demonic grunts. Archgoat’s wicked trademark can easily be distinguished by the belching vocals and abrasive style of riffing. The guitars bring some catchy melodies showcasing the technical skills of Ritual Butcherer, where the tremolos cleave through the mid-tempo. “All Christianity Ends” is laden with a diabolical atmosphere, the slow passages are full of hooks and the drums allow for smooth pacing.

In Extremis Nazarene” contains some interesting textures, the drums’ sounds are ultimately brutal whereas the guttural vocals are somehow reminiscent of the band MystifieR. The guitars have an abrasive effect that sounds powerfully sinister, where they seamlessly bring some blackened thrash metal riffs on “Rats Pray God”. The track is choke-full of frenzied riffs that wend to slower and groovier tempos, making it sound a bit chaotic, raw and primitive. “Worship The Eternal Darkness” has a very crispy and clear production while Archgoat conjures the ancient sounds of black/death metal but also shows refinement in the songwriting. The thick tone of the bass guitar contrast with the sharp guitar chords as for the drums they don’t rely much on blistering speed. 

Empyrean Armageddon” brews the art of war metal perfectly with the slower and catchy riffs spread between the typhoons of the blasting drums that remind of bands like Sarcófago, Mortuary Drape, and Beherit. The guitars convey simple but raw heavy riffage that builds on tremolos. “Blessed in the Light of Lucifer” offers the ominous textures of church organ resulting in a superb mixture of fast-paced tempos. The power chords juxtapose to the mid-tempo sections and driven drums offering oppressive blast beats while the breakdowns allow the mysterious atmosphere to swell in the background. 

The album title track combines the classic elements of the first wave of black metal. Archgoat’s strength is in the morbid guttural growls and the catchy hooks that steam in the mid-tempo sections. The highlight of the fifth album is the dynamic features that make the songs accessible by the selection of riffs. “Burial of Creation” sets a doomy closure to the album, it begins with a slow pace of the guitars and thundering peal of menacing bells that creates a rather dark atmosphere where the guitars provide a fabulous framework of bone-crushing riffs. Archgoat continues to carve its own niche in the sub-genre of war metal in a very unique fashion that keeps them among the best bands of Finland.

Release Date: November 26th, 2021
Label: Debemur Morti Productions

  1. Intro
  2. Heavens Ablaze
  3. Black Womb Gnosis
  4. All Christianity Ends
  5. In Extremis Nazarene
  6. Rats Pray God
  7. Empyrean Armageddon
  8. Blessed in the Light of Lucifer
  9. Worship the eternal Darkness
  10. Burial of Creation


  • Music9
  • Vocals/Lyrics9
  • Production9
  • Artwork9
  • Originality9
  • 9


    Fans who have delved into the band’s back catalog will find “Worship The Eternal Darkness” an excellent addition to their music collection, the band continues to carve its own niche in the sub-genre of war metal in a very unique fashion that keeps them among the best bands of Finland.

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