Morgal – Nightmare Lord

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Hailing from Mikkeli, Finland Morgal is a three-piece band that was formed in 2014 by SS Exiler (drums), Crusher (guitars), and Lord Warmoon (vocals and bass). The band had released several EP’s, one live album, and a split album in the mean time. Musically, Morgal adopts the perkele attitude of their forefathers of Impaled Nazarene, and the reason why the first studio album “Nightmare Lord” might get your blood pumping with high-octane energy. The songs blend elements of speed/heavy metal with black metal, offering up straight violent riffs and blast beats that keep the tempo always flowing. The most notable feature is the hoarse style of the vocals that are very much Finnish in tradition reminding me of Impaled Nazarene’s albums like “Latex Cult”. 

Opening track “Golden Sun of Satan” brings fiery components of thrash metal, fueling the song with powerful dynamics and uplifting melodies. The venomous hostility of the vocals and the blazing guitars deliver swift turbocharged riffs. “Death Vortex” outshines the energetic performance, although the pacing is fast somehow the guitars are heavily laden with combustible melodies. The climax is mostly reached when the guitars unleash loud rhetoric solos. Morgal showcases speed and extremity with the formulaic elements like the lead guitars and the sharp scathing riffs creating powerful and magnetic moments.

Morgal tackles the style of early nineties black metal while songs like “Gateways of Flesh & Blood” burst with full-throated and high-pitched vocals and riffs that get your adrenaline flowing. Rapid paces powered by catchy melodies with savage lead guitars processed into the song structure, the band displays an intense performance. Although the guitars enhance the songs with aggression, the melodies are simultaneously inserted. The intro of the song “Extermination Death/Penetration” is very inspiring, the fantastic lead guitars ignite the tempo with the blasting drums bringing some fast furious tempos. The band takes its inspiration from Bewitched and Aura Noir, defining their style with raw strength and the Finnish perkele spirit.

There aren’t any complex song structures on the album, but what Morgal delivers here is quite stunning. The guitars improvise on the melodic lines, therefore the songs are full hooks and aggressive riffs. Even though the formula feels repetitive, there’s always a constant shift in the pacing hence the songs are not as predictable as you may think. Yet all this is followed by the pummeling work of the drums and the catchy lead guitars that come to full unison. Furious vocals that sound frantic and hostile, “Nightmare Lord” is played in the old school vein by conveying a furious piece of black metal. Each song highlights the excellent guitar work and elements of heavy metal vividly reflect on the songwriting. Their music truly resonates and has a very fresh distinctive sound, throughout the length of the album the guitars weave abrasive riffs.  

Flaming Mouth of Baphomet” begins with groovy guitars before the hammering drums deliver plenty of forwarding blast beats. To a certain extent the guitars are harmonized and the breakdowns built up to fast pacing tempos. The thumping bass guitar seems to accompany the guitars all the time, but I’d say the whole focus is put on the prowess of guitarist Crusher. The powerful strikes of the drummer SS Exiler are played in the Scandinavian style of black metal. 

Almost every track contains melodies while the most significant aspect of the album is the role of the lead guitars. “Nightmare Lord” is one of the fastest tracks that glows with the excellent guitar performance while the electrifying style comes straight from pure passion. The whole experience will leave you dazed by the speed lighting riffs and the pummeling drums. On the final track “Mortifer”, they bring you to a more focused array of melodies, from the slow guitar hooks, and the melodic lines that thrive on the sheer quality.

On their first full-length album, Morgal creates a signature style and a trademark flamboyance that will change the ante. Until we are caught by the thundering guitars and the supercharged raw vocals resulting in highly effective melodies and technical skills, the band is able to propel at extremely fast tempos. Behold the chaos from Suomi Finland Perkele!!!  

Release Date: October 30th, 2021
Label: Werewolf Records

  1. Golden Sun of Satan
  2. Death Vortex
  3. Gateways of Flesh & Blood
  4. Extermination/Death Penetration
  5. Flaming Mouth of Baphomet
  6. Nightmare Lord
  7. Mortifer


  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics8/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality9/10
8.6“Nightmare Lord” will get your blood pumping with high-octane energy the songs blend the element of speed/heavy metal offering up straight violent riffs and blast beats that keep the tempo always flowing.
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