Whoredom Rife – Nid Hymner Av Hat

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Norway and Sweden have always been the beating heart of black metal music since the 90’s era. Especially with the outbreak of Satanic metal bands such as Mayhem, Marduk and Darkthrone who have defined this sub-genre. In 2004 a new foundation of Norwegian black metal wave was set in the city of Trondheim with a small population of 169,972 inhabitants. Nidrosian black metal is a movement which responds to the unmoving inspiration which struck the Norwegian black metal scene in the beginning of the new Millennium. Although this particular movement is no different than the actual black metal music, in fact it reflects the true sound of the 90’s black metal. By preserving the style back to the underground roots. Its unique musical aspect is reformed by bringing back the absence of the majesty and glory of the old days.

The Nidrosian musical ensembles includes some talented bands such as Sarath, One Tail One Head and Mare, who has released an outstanding record this year. This leads us to another unique black metal outfit well-known of its blackish and grim trademarks Whoredom Rife. Forged in the year 2014 by K.R. on vocals and V.Einride who plays all instruments. This Norwegian black metal pair has bestowed upon us one E.P. and a full length album “Doomedagskvad”, which was highly received last year. Nid-Hymner Av Hat is the band’s second full length album with a duration of 50 minutes and was released by the Norwegian label Terratur Possessions. Whoredom Rife has several hybrid styles of early Satyricon and Keep of Kalessin first album “Through Times of War”. With a tendency of selective variations that bears the dark majesty of Norwegian black metal. These exclusive and characteristic features became associated with the motif of the band.

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Nid-Hymner Av Hat is an obscure album dimmed with grimy atmosphere and malicious vocals which creates a vague aura. The album makes a majestic opening; Summoning the Ravens is an epic track forged by icy tremolo pickings of raw black metal. Whoredom Rife obtains its majesty from the Gods of the Norwegian black metal bands such as Emperor, Satyricon and early Keep of Kalessin. There is a slight variation in quality if one would compare Doomedagskvad to the new album. And I must say that the tracks on the new album aren’t based on innovation, but the music is very influential.

For instance I find the latest effort less melodic while the main themes is darker and predominated. The synth are used in some moments to beautify the atmosphere, for example the second track Verdi Oeydest  is a memorable song surpassed by effective synth and tremendous black metal riffs. It also brings back the lost forgotten majesty of the second wave of black metal. The album embodies a multifold of experience from the song structures which include a plentiful of mid tempo parts. Where the Shadows Dwell is a dark and haunting track swelled with grand performance from the guitar.


These Norwegians have approached the songwriting with an expert level, which makes the new material very rejuvenating and refreshing. Nid-Hymner Av Hat is not too far from being a perfect record. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Whoredom Rife became the masters of their own craft. Hyllest is prevailed with the echoes of the raspy vocals where the tremolo picking are enclosed with the dark and haunting atmosphere. The strings and the lead guitars shine with brilliance,  these components are cleverly infused into the music. Even with sparse melodies they are able to create this mesmerizing and hypnotic feel. Hyllest is dominated with its monotonous tunes but the riffs here are very obsessive with enough melodies that will get you hooked.


Nid-Hymner Av Hat is presented with wide experience when it comes to these seven tracks. Whoredom Rife makes a great showcase when it comes to the melodic riffs beside the mid tempo that gives a noteworthy to instrumentation. The guitars are heavily distorted and they sound classic and performed in the vein of traditional black metal. Plenty of spectacle moments from the guitar, leads and solos, which shows a remarkable talent from this band.

Crown of Deceit is where the mid tempo becomes the center of attraction ruled by the tremolo riffs and they are very catchy and majestic. The album hits the pinnacle with their final track Ceremonial Incantations. With overwhelming drums adjusted at full velocity of the crushing blast beats. The final track also holds on a steady tempo which is centralized on the depth. Whoredom Rife implements the classic raw sound of early Nordic black metal bands. Drawing its ferocious sound from wintry realms of Norway.
Highly Recommended!

Release date: November 30th, 2018
Label: Terratur Possessions
Tracklist :
1.Summoning the Ravens
2.Verdi oeydest
3.Where the Shadows Dwell
5.Crown of Deceit
6.New Hate Dawns
7.Ceremonial Incantation


  • Music10/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals10/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork10/10
  • Originality9/10
9.6Whoredom Rife has several hybrid styles of early Satyricon and Keep of Kalessin first album “Through Times of War”. With a tendency of selective variations that bears the dark majesty of Norwegian black metal.
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