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It is a post apocalyptic world where the Midgard Warriors fight for survival and their way of life. A talk with Johnny Hedlund about the latest Unleashed album...

Unleashed – The Hunt For White Christ

The Hunt for White Christ is an excellent follow up to the Dawn of the Nine, showing these veterans still have some tricks up their sleeves.

Grimner – Vanadrottning

The Swedish vikings of Grimner offer you "Vanadrottning"; another serving of heavy folk metal!

Blood of Angels

I managed to catch up with the guys from Blood of Angels to talk about their EP, their vision and the general direction the band is going in.

Lagerstein, Ymyrgar, Hypocras

Lagerstein, Ymyrgar, Hypocras at Asgaard

Lagerstein, Ymyrgar, Hypocras live at Asgaard, Ghent!

Varg – Götterdämmerung

The wolves are back, time to join the pack or go home with your tail between your legs.


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