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A new Luciferian entity has arisen from the murky Finnish waters under the form of Bythos! Check it out!

Album Reviews

Darvaza on the first full-length album rendered six majestic tracks that counter the epic scale of its occult symphony, this comes with high recommendations for fans of Mayhem, Mare and, Behexen.

Whoredom Rife’s new album conveys a cold and epic style of Norwegian black metal.

“Heilsweg: O Udręce Ciała I Tułaczce Duszy” comes close to perfection the debut displays a melodic grandeur and stands as a sonic ideal in our contemporary times, recommended for fans of Mgła, Blaze of Perdition, and Ascension.

‘For the Glory of Your Redeemer’ is an excellent follow-up to the band’s debut album. If you are looking for some dark, black metal music with gloomy riffs and creepy vocals, then I highly recommend you to check this album out right now.

The cold icy impression of the Norwegian black metal is beautifully conjured on the self titled album.

Musically The Womb of Zero doesn’t have the characteristics of the orthodox black metal instead Bythos clearly articulate the melodies.

Deus Mortem’s “Kosmocide” is a great album for those who like their black metal played fast and catchy at the same time!

Nid-Hymner Av Hat is not too far from being a perfect record. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Whoredom Rife became the masters of their own craft.

It seldom happens that a highly anticipated debut album surpasses all expectations. Mare achieved just that with what is already a contemporary black metal classic.