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Norwegian black metal legends Tsjuder unleashed the new track ‘Prestehammeren’, another song from their upcoming album ‘Helvegr’, set for release via Season of Mist next month!

Norwegian black metallers Tulus shared first single ‘Isråk’ and documentary of their upcoming album ‘Fandens Kall’, set for release via Soulseller Records next month!

Abbath is back! A new album is coming with ‘Dread Reaver’ and a first track unleashed with ‘Dream Cull’!

Norwegian black metal legends Vreid invite you to attend a live session in their beautiful country… still from a distance though.

1349 unleash hell with ‘Through Eyes of Stone’ music video.

Album Reviews

“War Against All” is a declaration of war crafted purely in the spirit of Norwegian black metal. On the tenth album, mastermind and founder Demonaz proves that he is the man behind the legacy of Immortal. Out via Nuclear Blast.

Thomas Eriksen channels the raw classic aesthetics of old-school black metal and deserves an award for his newest musical accomplishment, his sixth album ‘Dypet’ which maintains the trademarks of Norwegian black metal with impressive catchy hooks. Out via Peaceville Records.

“Naa Skrider Natten Sort” is without doubt one of the best albums in black metal this year, Djevel has aptly presented themselves as true disciples next to bands like Whoredom Rife and Mare. With its beautiful atmosphere and grim melodies it is an epic black metal album with the songwriting and composition making it an instant classic. Out since today via Aftermath Music.

On “Dread Reaver” Abbath Doom Occulta finds himself at the top of his game with the ultimate dexterity in channeling different styles of metal genres. The third outing is fierce black metal record that will touch you to the core.

Whoredom Rife’s new album conveys a cold and epic style of Norwegian black metal.

‘Atavistic Black Disorder/Kommando’ is essential for the die hard fans of Mayhem.

‘Eternal Hails……’ is a well-crafted album brought by excellent songwriting from these true traditionalists.

On the latest EP, Nordjevel invokes the hallmarks of Swedish black metal like Dark Funeral and Marduk as they serve as an example of sheer aggression and violence.

Djevel once again has pushed the boundaries of their craft in such an artistic manner. “Tanker Som Rir Natten” sprawls over the hallmarks of the Norwegian black metal.

Mork’s latest release ‘Katedralen’ brings black metal rooted in the old school template of raw black metal with still their own touches.