Immortal – War Against All

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Forged in the true spirit of the Norwegian black metal aesthetic, mastermind Demonaz marks his triumphant return to the dark realms of Blashyrkh. “War Against All” is Immortal’s tenth album and while there is something reminiscent of the early albums like “Pure Holocaust” and “Battles In The North” You can expect nothing but constant flurries of thundering barrages. Forged in the spirit of the second wave of black metal by Demonaz (vocals, songwriting, and guitars) and the renowned guest session musicians such as Ice Dale (bass guitar), and Kevin Kvåle (drums) have captured the dark icy essence.

The blizzard of blast beats contrast with the fierce tremolo-picked riffs and reinforce the songs with incredible ferocity. Standing aloof with majesty, the strong musicianship in this saga is the crucial element of pushing the songs to sheer aggression. “War Against All” opens instantly in a fierce blizzard riff that cuts across the storming drums and the energy blazed by a raging fire. However, the lightning and thunder unleashes flashbacks of the classic Bathory riffing and the biting assault of evil ferocious riffs. The following track “Thunders of Darkness” begins with a blizzard of epic mid-pacing tempo, the magnificent riff work of Demonaz are distinguishable by the rapid tremolos and the sheer intensity that are absolutely awe-inspiring.

The guitars are played extremely fast, acting as a centerpiece of this mid-pacing song, with the cacophony of pounding drums sending chills down your spine. The monstrous vibe and the album’s production make the song sound like a bleak, wintry war anthem. With the buzz saw guitars and Demonaz’s demonic screeching vocals, the blazing riffs grow furiously and louder and the powerful dominance of the drums and the bass guitar explodes into a furious blast of the crashing cymbals.

The opening of ”Wargod” is simply phenomenal, and the thundering in-your-face riffs bring some massive moments of groove. The billowing sound of the crashing drums transcends with the heavy riffs and the cold, icy atmosphere of the elegant guitar chords painting frozen glaciers. The epic segments of the lead guitars offering majestic song structures, what other than crafty riffs Demonaz could offer? Such electrifying lead guitar hooks and aggression encased in the classic traits of Immortal. But to greater effect Demonaz has infused the elements of the previous albums “At The Heart of Winter” and “Sons of Northern Darkness” into a dexterous use of melodies, imbuing the songs with a frosty atmosphere.

War Against All” is more epic and focused on diversity than the preceding album “Northern Chaos Gods” The songwriting is based on creating memorable epic moments that bring the grim and the song craft quality at full scale. Ascending the throne high above the icy-capped mountains of Blashyrkh, the following track “No Sun” begins with blazing tremolo-picked riffs and captures the epic battles in the North. Cold, icy rhythm guitars showcase the variation in the scathing melodies that brings us back to the glorious era of 90s black metal. The triumphant return of Demonaz on the tenth album proves the real mastermind behind the band’s legacy, with an atmosphere that is raw and grim, creating some of the most memorable songs in the band’s entire career.


The masterful performance of the guitars is nothing short of chilling, but the loud stomping drums and the sonic boom of the bass guitar give the songs an extra punch. “Return To Cold” is truly an epic track filled with majestic sections, hooks, and catchy choruses, the riffs are powerful, and the tempo flows with melodies. Giving enough doses of aggression and grooves, the album contains plenty of galloping drums and epic riff quality that is magnificently wrought in the spirit of Viking metal. With the expertise of the masterful composition in the instrumental track “Nordlandihr”, which holds the aesthetic appeal of Demonaz’s solo project. “War Against All” is a declaration of war crafted purely in the spirit of Norwegian black metal, although rapid and mid-paced the eight tracks are driven by the piercing tremolo-picked riffs and perfectly marching paced stomps of the drums that send a thundering rattle of blast beats.

The fierce aggression in the opening of the track “Immortal” begins with a blizzard of frenetic pacing. Grim and ultimately aggressive, the drums create a fierce blizzard that outshines the superior performance of the storming riffs, coalescing with the unbelievable ferocity of the drums. With Demonaz slightly adjusting his grim vocals on the album, the final result is beyond staggering. The atmospheric intro of the final track “Blashyrkh My Throne” is delivered straight from the frosted realms, the well-defined and unmatched fury of the mighty riffs played at epic and mid-paced tempo has that powerful peal of thunder, yet it is infectiously catchy and epic.


  • Music / Songwriting 10/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 10/10
  • Mix / Production 10/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 10/10
  • Originality 10/10

In its most monumental composition cloaked with the true essence of black metal, Immortal’s tenth album is studded with epic riffs and majestic Norwegian blasts of the unforgettable era. This is truly a masterpiece achieved by the unparalleled dominance of Demonaz who now holds the keys to the Blashyrkh throne.

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