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Finland’s White Death set the release date for their new album ‘Iconoclast’ for December 29th via Werewolf Records and reveal the first tracks!

Finland’s Vargrav set release date for the new album ‘The Nighthold’ on December 15th, to be released via Werewolf Records, and starting the second era of the project with some new members from legendary acts like Satanic Warmaster and Moonsorrow!

Finland’s Grieve exhumed itself and is back with a second album ‘Wolves of the Northern Moon’, set for release at the end of March via Werewolf Records!

Finnish black metal legends Satanic Warmaster are set to release the long-awaited 6th album ‘Aamongandr’ via Werewolf Records by the end of the year!

Finnish black metallers Grieve rose from the grave and now revealed the first track ‘Deep in Ice-Cold Mountains’ from the upcoming comeback album ‘Wolves of the Northern Moon’, out next year via Werewolf Records!

Finnish black metal outfit Chamber of Unlight is releasing its highly anticipated debut album ‘Realm of the Night’ via Werewolf Records in August!

Finnish black metal project Embryonic Slumber announced their upcoming debut album and give us some teasers for what is to come!

Finnish symphonic black metal master Vargrav is already returning with a second album!

A cold blizzard from the past is coming your way from the Finnish darkness of Winter!

Album Reviews

The fifth installment “Dismal Spells Part II: The Night Circus” from the project Druadan Forest invites us to traverse through this sonic creation of V-Khaoz’ visual worlds, released on February 23rd via Werewolf Records.

Finnish symphonic black metal collective Vargrav presents its third opus entitled “The Nigthold”, and resuscitates the principles of symphonic black metal with superior quality, out via Werewolf Records on December 15th.

Mastermind V-Khaoz of Vargrav continues to carve his sonic art in the footsteps of the Norwegian masters Emperor, the new EP output “Encircle the Spectral Dimension” emphasizes the majestic art of symphonic black metal. Out via Werewolf Records.

With “Aamongandr” Satanic Warmaster retains its status in Finnish and European black metal, every nuance of the following eight tracks makes the new album close to a masterwork. The sheer brilliance of the effective riffs and the stellar production, and the addition of the orchestration will make you behold the greatness of the composition. Released via Werewolf Records.

Ymir’s sophomore release “Aeons of Sorrow” invokes the cold icy melodies of the mid-nineties Finnish black metal, mastermind Vrasjarn maintains the characteristic sound of the band and for this reason, the new album will appeal to many fans of the genre. Released via Werewolf Records.

Druadan Forest’s third album “Portals” is full of awe inspiring moments through subtle elements from dungeon synth fused with ambient music.

“Funeral” is based on the raw style of the early nineties where the music revel in brings some grimy Necro black metal.

Morgal creates a signature style and a trademark flamboyance that will change the ante. Until we are caught by the thundering guitars and the supercharged raw vocals behold the chaos from Suomi Finland Perkele!!!

‘Realm of the Night’ is a feast of storming blast beats and symphonic swells. Its textures are dense with the powerful reverb of demonic vocals bursting like thunder.

Warmoon Lord masterly conjures orcish themes and fantastic symphonies on the sophomore effort ‘Battlesspells’.