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Finnish black metal collective Night Shall Drape Us under the direction of LRH and with vocals by Spellgoth, Infection and Wraath, unveiled their debut album ‘Lunatic Choir’ to be released in April via Season Of Mist and shared a first single with ‘Under the Dead Sky’!

A new Satanic Panic is on its way with Finnish black metal brotherhood Satanic North announcing their self-titled debut album to be unleashed upon the world in April via Reaper Entertainment! A first single with ‘War’ is coming in a couple of weeks!

Finnish black metallers Hollow Woods shared the new track ‘Night Burns Through’ from their upcoming album ‘Like Twisted Bones of Fallen Giants’, set for release in February via Signal Rex!

Finnish black metal band Nocturnal Sorcery set release date for new album ‘Captive in the Breath of Life’ on February 9th via KVLT, and shared a first track with ‘Redemption at Daybreak’!

Finnish black metal outfit Hollow Woods set the release date for new album ‘Like Twisted Bones of Fallen Giants’ on February 2nd, via Signal Rex, and unveil a firs track with ‘Burial Fires’!

Finland’s Vargrav set release date for the new album ‘The Nighthold’ on December 15th, to be released via Werewolf Records, and starting the second era of the project with some new members from legendary acts like Satanic Warmaster and Moonsorrow!

Finnish black metal outfit Iku-Turso set the release date for their upcoming mini-album ‘Ikuinen Kirous’ to October 27th via Purity Through Fire and shared a first track with ‘Adinkra’!

Mysterious Finnish black metal outfit Nôidva, inspired by Laplandish shamanism, announced their upcoming album ‘Lappish Shatanism’ to be released on October 27 via Purity Through Fire and share the title track!

New Finnish black metal project Night Shall Drape Us, featuring members of Horna and Behexen, signed with Season of Mist for the release of their debut album somewhere in 2024!

Finnish black metal elite Aegrus revealed the title track of their upcoming album ‘Invoking the Abysmal Night’, set for release next month via Osmose Productions!

Album Reviews

Finnish symphonic black metal collective Vargrav presents its third opus entitled “The Nigthold”, and resuscitates the principles of symphonic black metal with superior quality, out via Werewolf Records on December 15th.

Finnish melodic black metal stalwarts Moonlight Sorcery paint shimmering landscapes of winter on their first studio album “Horned Lord of The Thorned Castle” which amalgamate the fantasy style of Scandinavian melodies with a sense of fantasy. Out now via Avantgarde Music!

Mastermind V-Khaoz of Vargrav continues to carve his sonic art in the footsteps of the Norwegian masters Emperor, the new EP output “Encircle the Spectral Dimension” emphasizes the majestic art of symphonic black metal. Out via Werewolf Records.

Finnish black metal quartet Ondfødt has refined its craft on the fourth album “Det Österbottniska Mörkre”. The songs are packed full of tremolos and blistering tempos, showcasing an outstanding songwriting talent from these Finns. Set for release via Black Lion Records on May 26th.

The debut offering “The Ravening” of the Finnish symphonic black metal project Argenthorns shows the unique flair from the sole composer Lord Vrăjitor (Warmoon Lord). The album presents the imaginative and creative art of baroque symphonic black metal that aligns with bands like Bal-Sagoth, Limbonic Art, and Tartaros, released via Avantgarde Music.

Moonlight Sorcery has achieved greatness with the latest EP: the guitar work stems from the neoclassical style of Yngwie Malmsteen combined with the blistering velocity melodic black/death metal. ‘Nightwind: The Conqueror From The Stars’ is highly recommended if you listen to bands like Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, and melodic black metal of the 00s. Released via Avantgarde music on January 13th, 2023.

With “Aamongandr” Satanic Warmaster retains its status in Finnish and European black metal, every nuance of the following eight tracks makes the new album close to a masterwork. The sheer brilliance of the effective riffs and the stellar production, and the addition of the orchestration will make you behold the greatness of the composition. Released via Werewolf Records.

Ymir’s sophomore release “Aeons of Sorrow” invokes the cold icy melodies of the mid-nineties Finnish black metal, mastermind Vrasjarn maintains the characteristic sound of the band and for this reason, the new album will appeal to many fans of the genre. Released via Werewolf Records.

Finnish renowned veterans L.L. (all instruments), and M.M. (Vocals and lyrics) present their symphonic oeuvre under the moniker of Pestilent Hex. Debut album “Ashen Abhorrence” finds its way into the magical hallmarks of melodic/symphonic black metal of the early nineties and was released with Debemur Morti Productions.

Finnish black outfit Moonlight Sorcery’s musical quest wanders across the creative hallmarks of the Scandinavian black metal, the debut EP “Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity” offers a refreshing and inspirational muse to fans of melodic black metal, out via Avantgarde Music!