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Local talents and bigger names from Finland gather to mosh and dance on punk & hardcore for 2 nights!

Mammoth Mammoth – Mount the Mountain

I can see the appeal Mammoth Mammoth might have to a wide array metalheads, rockers and punk kids. Just like Motörhead they manage to blend groovy hard rock with a...


We discovered that there was a small indoor punk and hardcore festival taking place in the city of Hyvinkää. You can almost feel the energy coming from these pictures!

Ajattara – Lupaus

The Finnish demons of the forest are back!

Final Cut ‘Generation Y’ video release!

"Violent Blues Thrash" from Switzerland!

The Rock Fest has released the last names of their line-up!

Line-up is complete now!

Textures announces breakup and farewell tour dates!

A sad day for djent & math metal...

Papa Roach releases new lyric video

Another hit of their upcoming album!

New names confirmed for The Rock Fest!

Time to get those tickets!

Eivør (Tavastia, Helsinki)

A magical trip!