Los Fastidios (Legends, Edinburgh) – 22/02/2024

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“Come On Come On
Come On Come On
Come On Come On
Antifa hooligans”

The chant was echoing round the room at the end of the gig, a day and a half later it’s still embedded in my head and I can’t stop singing it! I imagine it is pretty much the same for everyone else who was there.

Formed in 1991 and hailing from Verona, Italy, Los Fastidios brought their infectious brand of left wing, anti-fascist street punk/oi!/ska to an adoring crowd at Legends, Edinburgh. It’s a small venue and is pretty well-packed for the show, very hot and sweaty, and that’s before the band came on. As soon as they hit the stage, the band has the audience dancing, singing and wildly jumping about.

As a 4 piece the band are absolutely blistering, singer Enrico (the only original member) is all action, all over the stage and the bass player is a bit lively too. The audience is lapping it up and are obviously of the same political persuasion as the band, anti-fascist/sexist pro working class solidarity, using the power of music to encourage people to unite and fight! They certainly do not make a secret of their political affiliations, at one point Enrico is atop the monitors wrapped in an anti-fascist flag.

The message is put across with much enthusiasm and big smiles on their faces by the band. When you think it can’t get any better, Enrico announces the arrival of Elisa Dixan onstage, and the show reaches incredible new heights. Elisa is the bands road manager and has been regularly joining them on stage for a few years now. She is also a fireball and brings a whole new intensity to the proceedings as the band really pile on the ska punk songs.

Radio Babylon and a mighty, mighty rendition of Skankin’ Town see the audience skanking away and sweating bucket loads. Of course, it is Antifa Hooligans that really brings the house down.

The encore sees some interesting song choices, kicking off with a version of the Inspiral Carpets song This Is How It Feels, Yazoos Only You, The Selecters Three Minute Hero and a ska medley featuring the Cock Sparrer song We’re Coming Back and You’re Wondering Now. But of course, there is only one song that can end the night, which is where I started this review.


Torneremo Ancora
Where Are You Now?
These Boots
Radio Babylon
Back In ’79
I Don’t Wanna Say To You Goodbye
Skankin’ Town
Take A Stand Ellos Dicen Mierda
Antifa Hooligans
This Is How It Feels
Blue Beat Boy
Only You
Historia Triste
Three Minute Hero
Ska Medley
Antifa Hooligans Ska

What a band, what a night! They played for an hour and forty minutes for the princely sum of £12 and sold t shirts for £15 when most bands want at least £25 – £30 and upwards. Catch them if you can, they are on tour throughout Europe for most of 2024, you won’t be disappointed.


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