The Courettes (McChuills, Glasgow) – 11/06/2022

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On the night that Harry Styles played in front of 50,000 at Ibrox, the hottest ticket in Glasgow is actually for The Courettes at McChuills and about 100 lucky people have one and the venue is sold out. I was lucky to see the band last year and am really excited at the prospect of seeing them tonight in a compact venue. 

McChuills is small, hot, dark and you get very, very sweaty. So the perfect place to witness a gig by the fabulous Courettes, Martin and Flavia Couri. Their explosive brand of music, a cross between Spectorish girl group sound and garage rock, was absolutely perfect for this venue and the adoring fans who have attended. The crowd are suitably warmed up by duo Big Russ Wilkins and Lightin’ Hollins and expectations are noticeably rising until at last The Courettes hit the stage.

This band can’t go wrong tonight, not with this crowd who are with them all the way. The absolute wall of sound that these 2 people create with just guitar and drums is just absolutely awesome. The fact that they encounter constant monitor problems and at one point have to play in complete darkness, does nothing to dampen their enthusiasm or that of the crowd. In fact, the monitor problems seem to drive Martin ( the second-best drummer after R.I.N.G.O) on to bash absolute hell out of his drums like a man possessed. Flavia is bouncing all over the stage getting one hell of a sound out of her guitar. This is real authentic rock and roll at its finest and makes you want to dance and sing along until you drop! 

The highlight of the show is a much-extended version of Boom! Dynamite! which was ferocious in its intensity.  Flavia first commands the crowd to crouch on the floor (to which everyone complies) and then jump up. She gets an epic call and response of the chorus going, clambers up on assorted pieces of furniture and then machine guns the crowd with her guitar before disappearing into the crowd itself. 

After all that there is time for a couple more songs including a cute, fun but almost shambolic version of Be My baby which features a guest guitarist.  Finishing off with Strawberry Boy and Hop The Twig. Before departing the stage, they promise they will be back again next year. I couldn’t wait that long and saw them again in Edinburgh the night after! And got hot and sweaty all over again!

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  1. DeeDee Calmayer
    DeeDee Calmayer says:

    Gary I was the mystery guitarist. What a priviledge it was for me to briefly share the stage with these guys. They are my favourite band. It was totally unrehearsed and I didnt know in advance that it was happening. “Be My Baby” just came into my head as Martin plays a lot like the legendary Hal Blaine who played on the Ronettes original and Flavia IS a girl group all by herself 🙂 Great review of the best gig i will probably see all year


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