Shaman’s Harvest & Crobot (Rockstar Lounge, Ft. Wayne, Indiana) – 09/06/2022

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Shaman’s Harvest and Crobot with very special guests Any Given Sin and Hell Came Home absolutely raised the roof on Thursday June 9th, 2022 at Rockstar Lounge in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Four awesome bands each with their own style and genre lit the stage up with banging shows.

Hell Came Home

Hailing from Muncie, Indiana, heavy metal outfit Hell Came Home kicked the night off the right way! The 5 piece band is made up of Danny Dunn [vocals], Jeremy Starkey [guitar], Reed Thomas [guitar], Andrew Christman [bass] and Nathan Richardson [drums]. Right off the bat, their set featured blistering lyrics and face-melting riffs! Hell Came Home had quite a following and was obviously a favorite of the locals!

Any Given Sin

Next to hit the stage was Any Given Sin, the Maryland based 4-piece rock band. The band is composed of Victor Ritchie [vocals], Mike Conner [guitar], Rich Stevenson [bass], and Mike Showalter [drums]. Any Given Sin is one of those rock bands that just astonish you and are so relatable on many different levels and life situations. I found their music in 2019 and was blown away. Victor’s melodic and mesmerizing voice mixed with the rest of the band’s absolutely crushing sounds makes for an awesome set to say the least. They played hits like Insidious, Dynamite, The Way I Say Goodbye and Another Life. Any Given Sin was a bucket list band for me to see live and the opportunity to capture their photos, even better. 


Crobot was next in line to hit the stage for the night. What a treat they were! Crobot is a rock band made up of Brandon Yeagley [vocals], Chris Bishop [guitar], Tim Peugh [bass], and Dan Ryan [drums]. Their set started off with frontman Brandon jumping out of a giant dinosaur-looking egg that was placed in the middle of the stage. From that point on, the action did not stop for the rest of the evening! Brandon jumped, danced and twisted and turned his body all over the stage! Several hits they played included Set You Free, Lowlife, and Better Times. Their musical talent matched their stage presence and left an impression on every person in the crowd, no doubt about it!


Shaman's Harvest

Closing the night out and bringing the house down, the one and only Shaman’s Harvest! Shaman’s Harvest is a Missouri based alternative metal band with, what I would consider, a Southern twist! They were formed in 1996 and consists of Nathan Hunt [vocals], Josh Hamler [rhythm guitar], Derrick Shipp [lead guitar], Adam Zemanek [drums], Cord Bishop [bass]. The band is very diverse and has their own unique sound. I love the Southern, bluesy vibe strung throughout their musical and lyrical workmanship. You can rock hard and have such a feel-good, fun energy all at the same time. They brought things home for the night with hits such as Tusk and Bone, Dangerous, Bird Dog and Dragonfly. Shaman’s Harvest did not disappoint!

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