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Texas rock band Blacktop Mojo has delivered the ultimate Valentine’s card lament. An unexpected and yet deeply poignant cover of The TEMPTATION’S 1965 hit single, “My Girl”!

The dutch rock outfit Smoke signed to Argonauta Records and celebrate with a first track!

Southern rock outfit Blacktop Mojo release an official lyric video for the track ‘Strike Me’!

Southern blues rock outfit Magnolia Bayou released an official video for their latest single ‘Train Don’t Stop’. Get ready for some good old groovin’ and rockin’!

Southern rockers Blacktop Mojo released the official music video for the track “Signal’s Gone” from their latest EP!

Mississippi swamp forged Southern blues/rock outfit Magnolia Bayou released a music video for their cover of “Preachin’ Blues”!

Brutal Assault is back at it with more new bands for the 2019 line-up!

Hard-driving Southern rock unit Blacktop Mojo release another official music video!

They’ve played their first show at the beginning of 2018, this June Arson is opening up Jera on Air!

Arson has announced that they will release their debut EP on monday April 9th.

Photo Reports

Shaman’s Harvest, Crobot, Any Given Sin and Hell Came Home playing at the Rockstar Lounge in Ft. Wayne, Indiana was a feast for both the ears and eyes back in the beginning of June! Highly recommended set of bands to check out whenever you can!

After 2 years of drought, we finally caught The Dead South on stage at De Roma in Antwerp. Here are the pictures of that night!

After bringing Danko Jones to Zappa last year, our friends from MCLX flew in some more Canadian power. This time they presented us the smooth southern rock of Monster Truck and as support they brought Royal Tusk.

Gig Reports

A night to remember! Shaman’s Harvest, Crobot, Any Given Sin and Hell Came Home all killed it with their shows at the Rockstar Lounge in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with each their own signature style and genre!


August proves to be a highly exciting and surprisingly full month for new releases! Here is a small selection of those that are most anticipated by our editorial staff!