The Dead South (De Roma, Antwerp) – 03/03/2022

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After two years of (non-)cultural madness the time finally came to see The Dead South live in concert in one of Antwerp’s most beautiful Venues: De Roma. As if a two year wait wasn’t enough to get people revved up for the gig, they brought Missouri desert/blues rock trio The Hooten Hallers to get things going. And boy, did they!

If you’ve never heard of The Hooten Hallers, don’t worry. You will soon. Imagine a jazz drum kit and a meaty baritone sax layin’ down a deep, melodic, dare I say sexy groove with a Reverend Telecaster screamin’ all over, supported by a dark, raspy voice that testifies of a life that’s been worth living. I’m telling you: If you can stay still while these guys (AND gal!) are playing you must be catatonic at least! Hell, even I danced!

After that everything went dark except for some shimmering lights through faux stained glass windows and a few lanterns in the front. The time had finally arrived and Nate, Danny, Scott and Colton finally set foot on stage. All the way from Saskatchewan (man do I love Canadian place names!) to Antwerp to treat us to some fine bluegrass music and their good company.

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