Electric Callboy “Tekkno Tour 23” (Lotto Arena, Antwerp, BE) – 02/03/2023

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Electric Callboy brings their “Tekkno” tour to Antwerp once again. After selling out Trix twice, it’s clearly time for a bigger venue: this time they’re playing at the Lotto Arena! One might ask: is it Techno or is it Metalcore? Does it matter? One thing is certain: it’s delicious! They are both insane and genius and get away with everything! They get the whole venue moving, jumping and even singing along to “I want it that way” by the Backstreet boys! (Which can be called pretty unusual for a bunch of metalheads to say the least!) Another nice detail is when Maria Lessing, vocalist from Future Palace, joins them on stage to sing one song together with them. Frequently acts are accompanied by pyro, fireworks or confetti to make it complete. Here are some pictures of the very fun party it was! Enjoy!

(Warm up acts were Future Palace and Holding Absence)


Setlist Electric Callboy:

Tekkno Train, MC Thunder II, Hate/Love, The Scene, Castrop X Spandau, Supernova, Arrow of Love, Mindreader, Best Day, Drum Solo, Hypa Hypa, Crystals, Fuckboi, Careless Whisper/When You Say Nothing At All/Let it Go/I Want it That Way, Hurrikan, Parasite, MC Thunder


Pump It, Spaceman

Encore 2:

We Got the Moves

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