Soen “Imperial” European tour (TRIX, Antwerp, BE) – 29/09/2022

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After having attended a banger of a show in Munich earlier (find the photo report here), we got an extra chance in Antwerp. Opening act still was the Finnish band Oceanhoarse who managed to do what they were there for: warming up the crowd. Initially they stood in front of an -almost- empty venue, but luckily that changed quickly! By the time Lizzard hit the stage, the venue was pretty much filling up. Lizzard‘s show was -in one word- impressive!  Lizzard brings up a very accessible style of progressive metal and it’s not the first time they support Soen on tour!

Finally time for the headliner of the night with Soen! If you’ve never heard of them, don’t be ashamed, nobody is perfect. But if so, please check them out! And while they earlier had to upgrade from the smaller room to the bigger one, the venue wasn’t sold out here and knowing that it’s been many years since they played in Belgium, it’s almost hard to understand… it should have been!

Setlist Soen:

Monarch – Deceiver – Lunacy – Martyrs – Savia – Lumerian – Covenant – Modesty – Lucidity – Antagonist – Illusion


Lascivious – Jinn – Lotus

For a report on the night, go have a read here.

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