Soen (Backstage, Munich) – 10/09/2022

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Sold out at one of the venues of our beloved metal club in Munich!

Opening the night and warming up the crowd well was the Finnish band Oceanhoarse, well disposed, full of energy and cohesive, they had a good reception from the Bavarian crowd that collaborated well and let us anticipate a fantastic night. The second band onstage were the French LizZard, probably the most exciting surprise of the night, leaving the crowd literally speechless with such a demonstration of power, technique and sound quality, managing to attract many new fans in Germany.

Headliners of the night, the Swedish Soen, are one of those bands that make perfect and magical music, lulling and mesmerizing the audience as if they were sailing on a calm as on a more violent sea. The first time I attended a concert of this band, 10 years ago, they were opening for a Paradise Lost tour and the talent was there, super band formed by extremely talented musicians, but today, they are the fruit of an evolution and union that reflects in their music and live shows.

Heavy metal night simply perfect:

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