Infected weekends (Asgaard, Gentbrugge Belgium) – 18/03/2022

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Last Friday, we hosted in our very own Asgaard 5 Belgian bands who are traveling around together under the title ‘Infected Weekends’. To be able to put 5 bands on stage in one evening, the first band Triagone had to kick things off early. Everyone who arrived  late, missed a quite impressive performance from this Brussels based band with Brazilian vocalist Lorena Moraes. Second band of the night was Incest Analfest. I think you can best describe this show as a sex obsessed carnival act. No shortage of humor with these guys! Immediately after that, our Gent local boys of Serial Butcher treated us to a set full of brutal death metal. For the penultimate band of the evening, it was certainly not the first time they played at Asgaard. Brutal Sphincter did what they’re known for: they threw a party! Headliner and closing for tonight was the legendary act Leng Tch’e. Singer Sergeï had the audience in his hands and he even called Triagone vocalist Lorena Moraes back on stage for a surprise duet! General impression: amazing atmosphere all night long!

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