Arson announces the release of their debut EP

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Arson has announced that they will release their debut EP on Monday April 9th. They’ve already released one videoclip for their song Empire.

Official statement:

We could drop 5 more teasers, another single, artwork pieces, lyric snippets, …etc. and drag the release of our EP out for a couple of months more.

Or we could just release it next week monday.

Available on your favorite streaming service. Physical copies on the way.
Let’s Start a Fire.

The origin of Arson took place in the spring of 2016 when members of various Ghentian metal and screamo bands came together and wanted to tear away from the subcultures where they had been in for years. Time for a something new. Time for good old fashioned screaming guitars, tight drums and intense vocals.

Arson combines (ex-)members of Soul gripAnti-IconAtlasxViciousx.

For fans of: The Ghost of a Thousand, Every Time I Die, John Coffey, Gallows, The Refused, Cancer Bats, Kvelertak, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes