GRIMM and Chill

On the silver screen you can find plenty of metal, rock and the lot infesting movies and series. It can go from documentaries digging deeper into some music history to movies featuring a metal/rock band as the main characters or even musicians giving acting/directing/script writing a shot… We’re taking it upon ourselves to give them a proper screening and tell you all about them. So turn to channel GRIMM and chill…

30/03/2018   /   By :
A documentary about how far the reach of black metal is, what it means for people from different countries and their struggle to be able to play the music they love so much...
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23/11/2017   /   By :
A movie about dealing with loss and teenage angst through our beloved metal music...
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01/11/2017   /   By :
The founding fathers of heavy metal went on retirement. This documentary is a goodbye, but also a piece of history.
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