Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen released first ever solo music

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Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen has signed a record deal with ADA, a distribution company within the Warner Music Group. The collaboration was announced with the release of the first single “Fire”, co-written by Jansen with Dutch producer Gordon Groothedden and songwriter Wouter Hardy. Her first ever full-length solo album is set to be released worldwide in early 2023.

Jansen about the first single:

This song is the official launch of my solo career and I’m on FIRE about it! It’s a huge step for me as a singer and songwriter, as a musician. It was and is a wonderful challenge to let my solo sound and image evolve. This release is therefore so special. A first introduction to my music, as Floor Jansen solo

Floor was only 16 years old when joining her first band, After Forever. They released as many as five albums before breaking up in 2009. After that, Jansen formed a new band called ReVamp, where she was still singing with when the invitation to Nightwish‘s US tour came in 2012. Nightwish‘s permanent vocalist was hired in 2013, after which the band has released two studio albums with “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” and “Human.: II: Nature.”.

In 2019, Jansen participated in the popular Dutch TV show “Beste Zangers”, in which “Phantom of The Opera”, performed together with opera singer Henk Poort, has become a huge hit. In the same year, he was awarded the prestigious Popprijs prize, a recognition for artists who have made significant contributions to the music scene in their home country. Thanks to the success, her first solo tour sold out in less than 24 hours. Next month, Jansen will take over televisions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as she stars in the South African program Sing Meinen Song with six other artists. This year, Jansen will finally embark on the much-anticipated, pandemic-cursed world tour with her main band Nightwish, which is also preparing for their next album.

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