Enter Shikari (Trix, Antwerp, Belgium) – 26/06/2022

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It’s like boiling hot in the venue, packed with excited sweaty people, on this summer sunday evening. Trash Boat is touring with great music and messages of love and tolerance. They seem to be having a lot of fun doing so. They make the ground shake and the crowd move. Excellent support act.

Like it isn’t already hot enough, when Enter Shikari enters the stage vocalist Roughton “Rou” Reynolds is wearing a green fur coat. Because of all the hyperactive movement on stage it didn’t take too long until he and drummer Rob Rolfe where both bare-chested. There were two rules for the show: love one another and dance like nobody’s watching. The crowd embraced those rules and had an amazing evening singing along to all the songs. It was a crazy evening with Rou, Chris and Rory performing in the middle of a circle pit and bassist Chris Batten jumping from the speakers.


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