Shiraz Lane (Asgaard, Ghent) – 02/03/2020

March 2nd 2020. While all preparations, reparations and decorations are being done in the new location that will open soon, it’s officially time for the last event in ‘The old Asgaard’ in Sint-Amandsberg. We all spent lots of hours here and without a doubt we all have wonderful memories here. We couldn’t just leave all this behind without an epic farewell show! That’s why we invited no one less than the amazing Shiraz Lane and gave them the honour of being the last band to play on that stage… ever. Warming up happened by Temple Balls and Block Buster and gave the very best of themselves. Thanks Shiraz Lane and support acts for this beautiful evening!

With pictures from Shiraz Lane, Temple Balls and Block Buster:

Playlist Shiraz Lane:
Tidal Wave
Momma’s boy
Mental Slavery
Carnival Days
Keep it alive
People Like Us
Story to tell
House of Cards
Out There Somewhere
Do you
You will remain
To the Moon & Back (Savage Garden cover)
Harder to Breathe

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