Sněť – Mokvání V Okovech

Czech Republic’s death metal band Sněť conveys some excellent prowess in songwriting on their debut first length album ‘Mokvání V Okovech‘. Exhibiting the technicality and the ferocity of old-school death metal, the quintet of Leproducktor (bass, vocals), Krütorr (drums), Hnisatel (guitars), Ransolič (guitars) and Ràd Zdechlin (vocals) have put together a solid structure of eight tracks. Taking into consideration the heavy pounding drums and sick guttural growls ‘Mokvání V Okovech‘ incorporates an inspiring fusion of American and European death metal. The songs exude crude death metal riffs that come close in comparison to the likes of Necrot. Two years after their formation Sněť managed to explore the filthy side of death metal by combining the filthiness of bands like Autopsy and the slow doom passages of Incantation. The band represents the old-school tradition of technical death metal bands such as Krabathor.

In spite of the fact that the technicality here is over average, the songs are brought in their own unique style. Sněť prefers to focus on the mid-tempo. The guitars deliver piles of chunky riffs, where the songs come rather smoothly with a headbanging groove. ‘Kun Kadaver‘ gives us a taste of the sonic crudeness that reeks of raw old-school death metal. There is never a dull moment throughout the running time from the vocal performance to the energetic formula. The entire running time of twenty-five minutes shows variation in drum paces and deranged tempos. In fact, it is the songwriting that makes these songs memorable. There are some quality remarks about the crawling riffs on ‘Princip Krizeni‘. With some putrid growls thrown in the mix, the clear production of the album boosts the sound quality. 

Kinetic guitars and grinding drums create a powerful sound Sněť managed to find balance among the songs. ‘Mokvání V Okovech‘ has many aggressive moments that show different sides of the band. Among the highlight tracks comes ‘Demon‘ where the drums deliver straight pummeling beats, carried by a high level of guitar prowess. Despite the slow tempo sections, the songs provide heaviness and aggression in spades. The classic influences from bands like Krabathor and Autopsy are injected into the songs. Sněť also mix different styles and this keeps the songs in a constant shift. The audible tone of the bass guitar, drums and the organic riffing are reinforced by the growls. ‘Zamrzlý vrch‘ is another brutal song filled with heavy compositions. 

The grinding influences from early Carcass are evident on many tracks where Sněť mainly emphasizes its energetic riffs. The guttural growls and grunts of the vocalist Ràd Zdechlin add a powerful effect, contributing to an overall solid quality. In fact, the incorporation of the churning guitars creates a grimy atmosphere. ‘Mokvání V Okovech’ takes the listener into violent convulsions. Therefore, the songs are consistently played raw, demonstrating a variety of influences from grindcore and punk to death metal. The Czech quintet on their debut album delivers infectious riffs and groovy songs. The opening riff on ‘Folivor‘ brings a solid intensity from the drums. Sněť also manages to keep the consistency intact. The raw feeling of the guitars on the following track ‘Sakrofag’ offers the listener organic riffing.

The drumming is tight and shuffles from mid-tempo to blast beats. In every track you can hear subtle hints to Necrot. Clocking at six minutes the final track ‘Vesmirna Saliva‘ is the longest one on the album. It begins with a catchy rhythm with slow oozing riffs of death-doom metal as the song shuffles through slow and upbeat tempos. Despite the short length of the album ‘Mokvání V Okovech‘ is a terrific album, full of heavy riffs and solid aggression. Sněť possesses a flair for songwriting as the quintet manages to bring a raw set of songs. If you like to hear a good mixture of Necrot and Autopsy, then give this album a shot! 

Release Date: May 14th, 2021
Label: Blood Harvest
Track list:

  1. Útes mrtvol
  2. Kun Kadaver
  3. Princip Krizen
  4. Demon
  5. Zmarzly Vrch
  6. Folivor
  7. Sakrofag
  8. Vesmirna Saliva


  • Music8
  • Vocals/Lyrics8
  • Production8
  • Artwork8
  • Originality8
  • 8


    'Mokvání V Okovech' is a terrific album full of heavy riffs and solid aggression. Sněť possesses a flair for songwriting as the quintet manages to bring a raw set of songs. If you like to hear a good mixture of Necrot and Autopsy, then give this album a shot!

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