Album Reviews

Know, oh prince, that in the years following their self-titled debut, there was an age undreamed of for Stygian Crown. Hither came ‘Funeral for a King’, their sophomore record, heavy riffed, soaringly vocaled. Fists in the air, with gigantic melodies and gigantic doom, to tread the beer-drenched stages of your summer festivals under their sandaled feet. Taken from the Cruz del Sur Chronicles.

Sorcerer returns with an epic dark album on its fourth installment “Reign of the Reaper” and brings an absolutely great slab of late 80s and early 90s heavy metal out since yesterday via Metal Blade Records.

U.S. heavy/doom metal veterans Cirith Ungol return with their sixth epic studio album “Dark Parade”, presenting eight thundering hymns of glorious 80s heavy metal, out on October 20th via Metal Blade Records.

‘Lamenting of the Innocent’ is extended to one hour and four minutes, ornamented profusely with clean guitar passages. This is why the new album feels diluted and less heavy than the prior releases.

“Forever Black” is full of epic riffs a bone-crushing old school heavy metal album. Cirith Ungol still remains as one of the main pillars of heavy metal.