As usual, Mazen’s top albums are a mix of death metal, black metal and a touch of doom metal, heralding everything that is underground and extreme with bands like Phobophilic, Autopsy, Stormruler, Watain, Shape of Despair, Ars Hmu, Sedimentum, Chaotian, Trolldom and Immolation!

Album Reviews

Erzfeynd second full-length album “Muspilli” invokes pagan and medieval atmospheres, mastermind Nahdrut Herlarecks utilizes a vast composition and brings a grandeur saga to his sonic oeuvre and with the music woven into grand atmospheric qualities. Out on Ván Records.

Erzfeynd’s full-length album “Behaft Behert” takes you back to the ancient medieval times, this is a fresh take on atmospheric and raw black metal, if you are into bands like Troll, Manes and Abigor then this is for you. Out via Ván Records.