Album Reviews

One of our writers about discovering Inmate: “While being at Metaldays in Slovenia, I got to know Slovenian metalcore band Inmate. After an energetic performance where lead singer Marko Duplišak jumped from the stage, over the steel fences and into the crowd, Then ran one lap in the circle pit, jumped back over the fence and jumped on stage and still had enough breath to sing, I was curious to find out more about this band. Drummer Jure Grudnik gave me their CD.”

Their 2021 album ‘The Salt’ is an album with a lot of feelings. There’s positivity, there’s negativity, there’s love. It makes you think, wondering if you are doing the right thing. This album could mean a 1000 things to a 1000 different people, but that’s what’s music is all about. All of this is poured into a Trivium-like melodic metalcore style.