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With ‘Maze of Phobetor’, US black metal ensenble Akhlys unveils a second track from upcoming album ‘House of the Black Geminus’ set for release in July via Debemur Morti Productions!

US black metal band Akhlys return triumphant with a new album filled with pure black metal terror under the form of ‘House of the Black Geminus’, set for release in July via Debemur Morti Productions. Discover a first taste of it with the track ‘Sister Silence, Brother Sleep’!

US dystopian black metal outfit Abhoria has just released their sophomore album ‘Depths’ via Prosthetic Records and unleashed a lyric video for ‘Winter’s Embrace’ to celebrate!

US black metal act Hulder to release second LP ‘Verses In Oath’ in February 2024 via 20 Buck Spin, and shared a first track with ‘Vessel Of Suffering’!

US blasphemous black metal legion Profanatica shared the second track ‘The First Fall’ from their upcoming new album ‘Crux Simplex’, set for release via Season of Mist in September!

Iconic US black metal outfit Profanatica sign to the almost as iconic underground label Season of Mist!

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‘Effigy of Nightmares’ is a big improvement from the sophomore. Valdrin has succeeded in taking their craft to a professional level.