Avaland – Theater of Sorcery

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AVALAND is an epic and symphonic metal opera composed by Adrien G. Gzagg from Grenoble France. This album is the band’s debut which I have been very curious to get into. Get out your binoculars and monocle! And let yourself be enchanted by the sounds and words of this majestic opera.

The opening song ‘Theater of Sorcery’ initially feels like ‘The Gunman’ from Orden Ogan. Quickly it turns into the symphonic metal that I expected with some lovely keyboard tunes and an awesome guitar riff. ‘Gypsum Flower’ starts off very heavy. Therefore, it throws a little bit of the magic from before. Powerful riffs and a hard drum keeps your head nodding “yes”! With over eight minutes it is the longest song of the album and features a beautiful guest appearance from Zaher Zorgati of Myrath.

‘Storyteller’ is a very good rhythmic song with a great vocal appearance from Zak Stevens (ex-Savatage). This is the shortest song of the album and adds some progressive influences. Followed up by ‘Escape to paradise’ and ‘Holy Kingdom of Fools’. The latter has a catchy rhythm and lyrics.

‘Never Let me Walk Alone’ is a bit of a let down from the rest of the album. In other words it is still a good song, but this band is capable of stuff that is much more complex. ‘Déjà Vu’ opens up with the keyboard and draws you straight back into the theatrical atmosphere. It sure promises to be a good sing along.

Album closure ‘Rise From The Ashes’ opens on a slow intro going over into an amazing song with all these different voices from our guest artists. It is a very good ending for the album. You should definitely hear it, but maybe not as a standalone song since it hangs together with the rest of the album.

This album has many guest artists, which are sure worth mentioning.

Guests Vocal : Zaher Zorgati (Myrath), Jeff Kanji Heli Andrea (Mobius/OLANE), Emmanuelson (Rising Steel/Ellipsis), Zak Stevens (Ex-Savatage/TSO/Archon Angel), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear/ex-Gamma Ray), Madie (Nightmare/Faith In Agony). 

Guests Guitar :  Ricky Marx (Ex-Pretty Maids/Now Or Never), Stéphan Forte (Adagio), Ayman Mokdad (Venus Syndrome/Alien Encounters), Virgile (ex-Rising Steel/Schräpnel)

Release date: April 2 2021
Label: Rockshot Records

  1. Theater of Sorcery
  2. Gypsum Flower
  3. Let the Wind Blow
  4. Storyteller
  5. Escape to Paradise
  6. Holy Kingdom of Fools
  7. Never Let Me Walk Alone
  8. Deja-Vu
  9. I’ll Be Ready for Your Love
  10. War of Minds
  11. Rise from the Ashes


  • Production8/10
  • Lyrics9/10
  • Composition9/10
  • Instrumental9/10
8.75In conclusion, this is a very good album. Therefore, it should convince the metalheads who are into symphonic metal. It has catchy rhythms, amazing riffs, beautiful voices, and a lovely story that is told throughout the album.
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