Doedsvangr – Satan ov Suns

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Doedsvangr is a unique all star collaboration of Shatraug (Sargeist, Horna, Behexen, Nightbringer etc.), Doedsadmiral (Enepsigos, Nordjevel, Svartelder) and Anti-Christian (Tsjuder, Grimfist, Tyrann etc.). This resulted in their very first effort called Satan ov Suns, a relentless devil worshipping piece of Black Metal that doesn’t intent to leave any survivors.

The album starts with a very ominous prelude to the first song called Our lord Cometh, followed up with a typical wardrum rhythm and slow guitar before Doedsadmiral’s raspy voice from the grave comes to rip the song wide open. Even though the song has kind of a slower pace compared to the other songs included on this record it still has a very fierce tone with which it invokes the coming of the beast to end this mortal world.

The second song, Rituals, sets the tone for the rest of the album, it has a typical northern vibe to it and could be easily mistaken for a new Horna or Tsjuder song. This doesn’t mean that it is simply a copy of what the members have done in their previous releases, it is just the kind of blend you would expect from this power trio.

The eponymous third track sets of with a slow and chilling pace that hints at more ominous things to come which eventually kicks in at two and a half minutes. The vocals seem to be coming straight from the grave and resonate the vibe of those done by Abbath during the nineties. Accompanied by some fierce blast beats the sound echoes the same vibe as the rest of the album. The same pace is kept for the fourth song Black Dawn.

When the band starts with the first riffs of the fifth chapter called Northern Watchtowers it seems as though the also tried to incorporate some more rock and roll elements within their song structures. This has succeeded very well whilst staying true to the general sound and vibe of the rest of the debut.

With their sixth offering, Diaboli, Doedsvangr takes back the accelerations it has made during the previous 3 tracks and returns to the slow paced yet threatening atmosphere of the first songs. It is yet again drenched in that typical Scandinavian atmosphere and production and layer upon layer of devil worshipping lyrics.  

Gnashing of teeth continues with a more fuller sound and brings a more doomy vibe to the whole. The themes of torment and pain suit this perfectly and makes for a nice symbiosis between the more glooming and ferocious elements that run throughout the haunting compositions of Doedsvangr. The same pace is being held up on Breath of lucifer in which the down and uptempo parts are woven together perfectly.

Blood whores and Black sun nimbus seem to return to the more rack and roll approach of Northern Watchtowers. With these final chapters the circle is round again and the album comes to an end.

All in all this is a very nice album and a unique collaboration between some of Black Metal’s finest artists of this moment. Immortal Frost productions definitely has a new and valuable band in it’s stables. We can only hope this was more than just a project and that we will here from them again in the future with some new releases, this might well be possible given the fact that these are some of the most prolific artists that are out there.

Release date: march 27 2017
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
1. Our Lord Cometh!
2. Rituals
3. Doedsvangr
4. Black Dawn
5. Northern Watchtowers
6. Diaboli
7. Gnashing of Teeth
8. Breath of Lucifer
9. Throne of black Illumination
10. Blood Whores
11. Black Sun Nimbus


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production7/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality7/10