Nordjevel – Necrogenesis

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Norwegian black metal revivalist Nordjevel (Northern Devil) are one of the well-known bands that rose from the Norwegian black metal scene in 2016. With their self-titled album that emanated with the orthodox vehemency of the second wave of black metal, these Norwegians have managed to keep the raw and the traditional order with persistent values. Concerning the timeframe between the first and the second album the long-awaited album took three years of composing and writing material. Following the release of their debut album the band has gained notable success in Norway. In 2017 drummer Fredrik Widigs departed from the band to focus on Marduk and while the band was in the process of recording their second album guitarist Nord left the band.

Only one year after the departure of those members, Nordjevel was then joined by guitarist Destructhor (Odium, Myrkskog, Zyklon), and drummer Dominator (Odium, In Battle). And with such firm line-up comprised of potential musicians from the Swedish and Norwegian black metal bands Nordjevel is now at full strength. Necrogenesis is a very strong and solid release and those who admire the aggression of Marduk and the subtle melodies of Dark Funeral are definitely going to be pleased with this album.

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What makes Necrogenesis different from the debut is the notable variation in music and the compositions this time is more varied. The nuance of executing savagery vocal lines along with the blazing tremolo picked are carried forth with force. The quality here reflects on the substantial work of the individual members who have joined the band. The transition from the cataclysmic blast beats to mid tempo is executed in high quality. Those who have followed the band can sense the eminent alteration of the new album. This isn’t to say that Nordjevel is the only entity who has brought such changes to music, Necrogenesis is conglomerate of many elements it is somehow similar to the mid-tempo parts of Dark Funeral. Each track on the new album has its own sound, the up roaring moments are still pervading with so much intensity. The excellent production compliments the nine tracks that have a distinctive fury when it comes to the loudness of the blast beats and the sharpness of the tremolo picked guitar.

Album launcher Sunset Glow is a boisterous and a diabolical black metal opus carried with frantic and demonic vocalization of Doedsadmiral. The album opens on a very high and destructive note that built up on menacing guitar riffs, and excellent pacing drums. With drums that outburst with blast beats, and twin guitars firing hellish riffs after another.

The second track is more balanced on the guitar melodies and focuses on mid tempo. Devilry is war-ridden track infused with the power of sawing guitar riffs and converged melodies. Concerning the guitars it feels that the band has pushed the boundaries to higher limits, as there is a greater musicianship including the memorability factor. Since the band has establish in 2015 they have created a havoc not only in Norway but around the world. With the escalating movement of the Nidrosian black metal wave, Nordjevel has restored the aggressive tone of the pure black metal style. Which many other bands like 1349, Immortal and Taake have captured in the last decade. Necrogenesis rejuvenates the style of the second wave of black metal, and they’re considered as the righteous inheritance of the Norwegian black metal music.

The riff quality and the creative writing on The Idea of One-Ness shows how the band has evolved. The slow and the melodic elements outlines this track and you can almost feel the dark and the menacing tone of the guitars. Black Lights from the Void is stimulated with fine tremolo picking guitars, this is more of a venomous track. The Ominous spoken words along with the horrifying vocals works as a good contrast which overall turns into a malicious sound registered with the modern class of black metal aesthetics. Unto faster and straightforward tracks like Amen Whores is a grisly and monstrous track executed with bellows of blast beats and edged sharp riffs. The new formula is set on dynamics of the violent guitars, exerting towards mid-range style.

The inspiring black’n’roll groove and heavy riffs on Nazarene Necrophilia has brought a refreshing sound to this track. The degree of the melodies and the heavy black metal riffs are worthily performed on this this album. Panzerengel or Panzer Angel is the closing track that swirls on violent guitar riffs. This is no doubt one of their outstanding tracks and it’s strongly built on hefty and ear splitting guitars which are issued with ridiculous tremolos and brutal drumming. The excellent melodies and solos are executed with professional flairs Nordjevel’s Necrogenesis is a remarkable album that focuses on the musical ability of these North men who have unleashed one of the best black metal albums in 2019.

Release Date: March 29th, 2018
Label: Osmose Productions
Track list:
1.Sunset Glow
3.The Idea of One-Ness
4.Black Lights from the Void
5.Amen Whores
6.Fevered Lands
7.Nazarene Necrophilia
8.Apokalupsis Eschation


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality9/10
8.8'Necrogenesis' is a very strong and solid release by Nordjevel and those who admire the aggression of Marduk and the subtle melodies of Dark Funeral are definitely going to be pleased with this album.
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