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Epic shamanic black metallers Darkestrah revealed the title track of their upcoming album ‘Nomad’, set for release via Osmose Productions on March 29th!

Shamanic black metal outfit Darkestrah are set to release another collection of Central Asian/Kyrgyz inspired epic tracks on their upcoming Osmose Productions album ‘Nomad’!

Dutch black metal institution Funeral Winds revealed ‘Birthed by Pure Malevolence’, the first track from the upcoming album ‘333’, set for release on January 26th via Osmose Productions!

Dutch black metal outfit Funeral Winds set release date for new album ‘333’ on January 26th, 2024, to be released via Osmose Productions! A first track is coming in the beginning of 2024!

Finnish black metal elite Aegrus revealed the title track of their upcoming album ‘Invoking the Abysmal Night’, set for release next month via Osmose Productions!

Black metal outfit Aegrus set release date for new Osmose Productions album ‘Invoking the Abysmal Night’ to be out on October 27th. A first track is coming soon!

Legendary Dutch black metallers Funeral Winds unveiled the new track ‘Stigmata Mali’, also the title track of their upcoming new album set for release later this month via Osmose Productions!

Finnish black metal outfit Aegrus is set to release their new EP ‘The Carnal Temples’ on Osmose Productions in January 2022!

The Finnish miscreants of Impaled Nazarene are back! A brand new full-length was announced, to be released in May!

Evil Invaders’ Max Mayhem joins Bütcher as the second guitarist of the Belgian black/thrash/speed metal outfit! Check it out!

Album Reviews

Darkestrah’s seventh album “Nomad” inspires the listener to traverse through dark places, as the whole music emerges from the ancient landscapes of pagan kingdoms. It’s a sleekly written, very raw shamanic black metal album, highly recommended for fans of Moonsorrow, Nokturnal Mortum, and Ygg. Out today, March 29th via Osmose Productions.

Following suit its inaugural instalment two years ago, Australian masters of melancholy Mournful Congregation completed its funereal diptych with ‘The Exuviae of the Gods Part II’ . Out via Osmose Records and 20 Buck Spin.

If the music of Drudkh defines the dark and atmospheric melancholic style of black metal then Hate of Forest is exactly the opposite.

After ten years of silence Ondskapt’s long-awaited album “Grimoire Ordo Devus” spreads austere malevolence against humanity.

The Belgian maniacs from speed metal outfit Bütcher released their second album and it’s quite the blistering metal attack!

Enepsigos embodies the malign and the infernal side of black metal.

“Tyranni” is a brutal and ferocious soundtrack for the apocalypse the band has returned in a short span of time to deliver a hellish record.

Nordjevel’s Necrogenesis is a remarkable album that focuses on the musical ability of these North men who have unleashed one of the best black metal albums in 2019.

Finland’s most depressed band have returned, sending shivers down your spine and exploring new levels of intensity. A must-have for lovers of DSBM, blackgaze and atmospheric post-black metal!

With Mournful Congregation we get another serving of funeral doom from Down Under…