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Almost a decade ago the Finnish black metal act Sargeist released their monumental album ‘Let the Devil In‘. This musical effigy was considered a grimoire of black metal that paved the way for many acts to follow its clichés, which resulted in shaping the musical sound of the Finnish underground black metal music.

The album was overtly catchy and contained a wonderful combination of rhythm guitar and solid aggression. Although the musical framing focused on the raw elements of the second wave of black metal, it captivated the hearts of many fans. Finnish black metal acts are known for their uncompromising aggression and kept the intensity at a higher level. They presented something unique which differentiated them from other Scandinavian black metal groups. Similarly, bands like Behexen, Satanic Warmaster and Horna preserved those trademarks as they incorporated dynamics into the music and brewed a mesmerizing atmosphere and melodies. 

In a way more specific to melodic black metal the Finnish outfit Aethyrick can be looked upon as the true disciples of Sargeist. With the second offering ‘Gnosis‘ the Finnish duo managed to elicit that cold and melancholic atmosphere. Shortly after the release of the debut album, ‘Praxis’ released in 2018. Gall and Exile together processed the most complex parts and found ways to balance the atmospheric element with the moderate rawness of black metal. Through this refined musical context, Aethyrick maintains a unique and soothing equilibrium.

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The opening track ‘Will Embodied’ begins with a mournful, yet catchy lead guitar that will bewitch your heart. The duo weaves their magical spells by performing dark melodies while the gloomy patterns of the rhythm guitar flow effectively. The shimmering melodies are beautifully added to the layers and the rhythmic tempo of the drums becomes the backbone of the music. The use of minimal synth on the second track ‘Oneiric Portals’ creates a mystic atmosphere boosted by mournful tremolos that evoke the methods of the second wave. The dashing currents of the pacing drums and the elegant lead guitars are effectively crafted.

Yet each of the seven tracks is implemented in such an expressive way, ‘Stellar Flesh’ veers into a palpable gloomy atmosphere. Carried by the dark orchestra of the wailing synth, whereas the raspy vocals are remarkably appealing. ‘Gnosis‘ is beautifully crafted to fit into the mid-paced style of melodic black metal. From the start of the album, the duo explores the epic themes of mysticism and occultism, emphasizing on slower tempos and catchy guitar lines. This concentration unveils the profound contents of the music that demands contemplation. The gloomy sense of the rhythm guitar transcends with each fleeting moment, ‘Stellar Flesh’ is somewhat somber and soulfully overwhelming, bounded by a compelling rhythm that keeps the music flowing.

Other musical patterns that enhance the memorability are the slow mid-tempo parts of the drum and guitar melodies. The atmosphere becomes the dominating aspect of the music with oriented guitars acting as the driving force. Aethyrick elicits a creative way to add ethereal qualities on each track. Amongst other reflective songs that build on vibrant melodies is the fourth track ‘Your Mysteries‘. Here Aethyrick combines the dark patterns that can be ascribed to the Finnish act Thy Serpent. With the swirling tremolos sprawling around the gloomy atmosphere, the sophomore offering is more memorable than the debut. Despite the modern technique Aethyrick channels the style of the 90’s black metal. The admiration and the quality which the duo evokes shows an outstanding class.

‘Blood Acre’ displays a wide use of keyboards as the duo gradually unveils the beautiful side of the band. Embellished by symphonic layers the track starts off at a faster pace while the dashes of the icy cold tremolos conjure melancholic style of black metal. From the harmonious aspect, Gall and Exile meld the symphonic elements with a refined demonstration. ‘Gnosis’ is achingly beautiful. It is a moody kind of an album that surpasses the quality of many melodic black metal albums. ‘Anointed Bones’ is a wonderful portrayal of blissful melodies whose musical textures are mastered by the duo. 

With the remarkable set of the drums constantly fixed at mid-paced and occasional blast beats, the sophomore features myriads of haunting passages that will make your heart melt like ice. The effective display of atmosphere, rhythm and pounding drums are powerfully maintained. ‘Golden Suffering‘ is a raw piece of black metal fury that evokes the classic style of Horna. Aethyrick has crafted a sophisticated kind of an album, preferring to emphasize the mid-tempo style and they have managed to set unique patterns throughout the duration. If you have enjoyed the latest Sinmara, Drudkh and Mgla, then look no further.

Release Date: January 24th, 2020
Label: The Sinister Flame
Track list:

  1. Will Embodied
  2. Oneiric Portals
  3. Stellar Flesh
  4. Your Mysteries
  5. Blood Acre
  6. Anointed Bones
  7. Golden Suffering


  • Music10/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals10/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork10/10
  • Originality9/10
9.6'Gnosis' is beautifully crafted to fit into the mid-paced style of melodic black metal. From the start of the album, the duo explores the epic themes of mysticism and occultism, emphasizing on slower tempos and catchy guitar lines.
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