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One of Italy’s oldest black metal bands, Frostmoon Eclipse, released a 2nd track from their upcoming ‘Rustworn’ EP!

Belgian underground label Immortal Frost Productions announce a second edition of their Open Air Market, bringing the best they have to offer for you to go and pick up!

Tasmanian black metal band Atra Vetosus presents us a new song, videoclip and tour dates!

Album Reviews

Italy’s oldest black metal outfit Frostmoon Eclipse released a lovely little gem that serves as a perfect introduction to their work.

Lichtblick’s sophomore “Abkehr” conveys a very eerie style of depressive black metal that will enclose the listener with suicidal thoughts.

Thronum Vrondor on their fourth album has combined subtle atmosphere and a twisted concoction of modern melodic black metal.

The Stone’s latest output is, without doubt, one of the worthy albums I’ve heard this year, the Slavic quintet has brought a mesmeric and aggressive musical work full of hooks and melodies.

Macbeth and Satan, you might ask? Khaospath combined them perfectly!

A unique collaboration by some of the most important Black Metal artists of this day to celebrate darkness and satan

Belgian black metal outfit Ars Veneficium released their first full length upon the masses, stabbing your eardrums with furious blastbeats!

Murky Black.

Gig Reports

Enthroned blasted their way through, but the real surprise came from another band…