Frostmoon Eclipse released the 2nd track ‘Relentless, Circling’ of their upcoming album


Last Tuesday March 1st, the Italian black metal outfit Frostmoon Eclipse premiered the second track ‘Relentless, Circling‘ from their upcoming new EP album ‘Rustworn‘ that is set to be released on March 18 via Immortal Frost Productions and gives you another taste of their new bleaker than bleak music. A slab of black metal that carries a sense of the old school sound and atmosphere with added melodic acoustics from one of Italy’s oldest established black metal bands. Check it out right here:

Frostmoon Eclipse is also set to embark on the “15 Years of Bleakness” European tour in a couple of weeks with the UK black metal legends of Fen, celebrating their 15th anniversary, and the Austrian label mates Lichtblick, who have just recently released their new album ‘Abhekr‘. On the tour, Frostmoon Eclipse will present their new work from the upcoming ‘Rustworn‘ EP besides some of their old work. Check out the dates right here, which includes a stop at our very own Asgaard venue in Gent, Belgium:


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