News Posts

Italian grindcore trio NEID signed to Time To Kill Records for the release of their upcoming cover EP ‘Still Offensive’ and shared the single ‘Rebels Today…’!

Italian power metal quintet Alterium released their new single/video ‘Crossroads Inn’, inspired by the popular medieval tavern simulator video game, and another track from their upcoming album ‘Of War And Flames’ set for release in March via AFM Records!

Death metal outfit Hideous Divinity announced their new full-length album ‘Unextinct’ to be released via Century Media Records in March and shared the single ‘The Numinous One’ with a captivating video!

Fast-rising Italian deathgrind outfit Slug Gore have joined forces with Time To Kill Records for the release of their debut full-length ‘They Slime! They Ooze! They Kill!’ in the next few months!

Italian metallic hardcore institution Browbeat shared a video for the single ‘The Real Face’, the first one of their upcoming new album ‘Unbreakable’, set for release in March via Time To Kill Records!

Italian power metal unit Alterium revealed new detail about their anticipated first full-length ‘Of War And Flames’, out on March 8 via AFM Records, and share a captivating video for the title track!

Italian death metallers Kaivs are starting 2024 with a bang by signing with Time To Kill Records for the release of their debut album ‘After the Flesh’!

Italian black/death metallers Sirrush released their new album ‘Molon Labe’ yesterday via Non Serviam Records and celebrate with a lyric video for the track ‘A Son Set His Father Free’!

One of Italy’s oldest black metal bands, Frostmoon Eclipse, released a 2nd track from their upcoming ‘Rustworn’ EP!

Italian symphonic/power metal band Moonlight Haze shares their 2nd single of the upcoming album in exclusive premiere right here!