News Posts

Italian black/death metallers Sirrush released their new album ‘Molon Labe’ yesterday via Non Serviam Records and celebrate with a lyric video for the track ‘A Son Set His Father Free’!

One of Italy’s oldest black metal bands, Frostmoon Eclipse, released a 2nd track from their upcoming ‘Rustworn’ EP!

Italian symphonic/power metal band Moonlight Haze shares their 2nd single of the upcoming album in exclusive premiere right here!

The Italian heavy rock outfit The Human Tornado unleashed a first single ‘Dreamland’ from their upcoming new album!

Italian alternative metal outfit Not My Grave unleashed the new track and video ‘Tears For’ upon the world!

Horror inspired metal outfit Infernalizer released a brand new music video for the track ‘Leave A Scar’, song from the latest album ‘The Ugly Truth’! Check it out!

Italian alt rock/metal outfit Jax Diaries released a cinematic video for the track ‘When I Turn I See The Future’, from their debut album ‘Riverside Motel’!

The Italian doomsters of Shores Of Null released an epic video to go along with their latest release that is one long track!

In celebration of releasing their new album, Six Degrees unleashes a lyric video for ‘Imperfect’ upon the world!

The Italian symphonic death metal masters of Genus Ordinis Dei release another chapter of their upcoming metal opera epos!

Album Reviews

Nanowar of Steel’s album is like the quote on their website: We take comedy seriously! Fun but amazing quality metal.

Italian power metal outfit Labyrinth released yet another impressive album after their comeback from a while back.

Italian metallers 5RAND deliver their take on melodic death metal!

Ancient Bards finally came with the second part in their saga, filled with bombastic symphonic power metal songs!