News Posts

Italian black/death metallers Sirrush released their new album ‘Molon Labe’ yesterday via Non Serviam Records and celebrate with a lyric video for the track ‘A Son Set His Father Free’!

Italian rock band 17 Crash released their new album ‘Stamina’ via Rockshots Records and celebrate with a music video for the track ‘Strike First’, channeling the power of the Kobra Kai!

Gothic/death rock outfit The Sade release video for ‘End Of Time’, a track from their recently via Go Down Records released new album ‘Nocturna’!

Italian brutal tech death outfit Antropofagus premiered ‘Hymns of Acrimony’ with a visceral video, first track from the upcoming album ‘Origin’ out next month via Agonia Records!

Italian metal legends Lacuna Coil present their new single ‘Swamped XX’ of the upcoming re-issue version ‘Comalies XX’, released next month via Century Media!

The Italian garage rock ‘n’ rollers of Mad Dog release a brand new video for the track ‘No Regrets’ from their latest album ‘We Are Ready To Testify’!

Italian rockers 17 Crash signed with Rockshots Records for the release of their new album “Stamina” and announce a new member in the family!

Italian post-hardcore/sludge outfit If I Die Today unleashes the single and video “First Day (Denial)” of the upcoming new “The Abyss In Silence” album out later this month via Argonauta Records.

One of Italy’s oldest black metal bands, Frostmoon Eclipse, released a 2nd track from their upcoming ‘Rustworn’ EP!

Alt-metal outfit Violet Blend unleashes another single and video from the upcoming Eclipse Records album ‘Demons’!

Album Reviews

Set you controls for the heart of the sun as Italian psychonauts Ufomammut are finally back with their ninth album after 5 years ‘Fenice’, out on Neurot Recordings.

Italy’s oldest black metal outfit Frostmoon Eclipse released a lovely little gem that serves as a perfect introduction to their work.

Nanowar of Steel’s album is like the quote on their website: We take comedy seriously! Fun but amazing quality metal.

Oniro marks Mars Era’s second album, which brings more of that delicious psychedelic rock. A strange journey for sure, but a welcome one

Italian power metal outfit Labyrinth released yet another impressive album after their comeback from a while back.

As autumn sets in, Transcending Obscurity brings us Aphonic Threnody’s latest death doom eulogy ‘The Great Hatred’. It will be your funerary companion in this gloomy season.

Italian metallers 5RAND deliver their take on melodic death metal!

“Veleno” is Fleshgod Apocalypse best work to date, the album aptly describes the band’s matured sound and matchless quality.

Follow the path set out by Párodos to witness the play of a lifetime.

Take a trip with Gabriel along a giant spiraling staircase through a gothic time.