Fleshrot – Unburied Corpse

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Hailing from Lubbock, Texas, Fleshrot is a newly formed band that plays a mid-paced death metal style. 'Unburied Corpse' is their first studio album released via Me Saco un Ojo Records and Desert Wastelands Productions. The grisly album cover art might be the best way to describe the music here. There are two different covers for the album, with an alternative artwork designed by Chamber Realm. It features 7 tracks that mix grooves and old-school cavernous riffing which makes the songs quite enjoyable. The line-up is fronted by Phil (guitars, vocals), Casey Garcia (guitars), AB (bass guitar) and Tanner (drums). The band released its first demo in 2020, followed by a split album and a single.

The guitars offer raw filthy riffs and though the majority of the album is mid-paced, the opening track ‘Wrapped in Entrails’ depicts the horrific cover art. Apart from the tone of the rotten growls, the stomping grooves and double bass drums blend simplicity, technical subtleties and dynamics to impose an old-school feel. The songs on the album vary in tempo, but fit into heavy grooves while the drums mostly maneuver between mid-pacing tempos. ‘Unburied Corpse’ is built around a rudimentary style of cavernous death metal. However, the dynamic is the main focus. Albeit, the slower guitar passages and deep guttural growls feel like they are coming out of a damp basement. ‘Draining the Liquefied Remains’ begins with a somewhat doomy guitar riff before the drums pick up the pace to bring a more stomping up-tempo.

Moldy guitar riffs display the quality of the songwriting. Alongside deep, throaty growls they set a rancid atmosphere to the music and somehow merge well with the whole vibe. Fleshrot’s first studio album has some particular standards that can fairly be described as primitive. The musical styling is certainly way better than the average death metal band. The album’s title track ‘Unburied Corpse’ engages in sporadic double bass. The drums are played fiercely with the guitars providing dense layers. The guitars are triggered with tremolos and drums blend with grooves and blast beats. Despite the alterations in dynamic shifts the Texan quartet accentuates the tempo speeding up at times and slowing down now and then.

Post Burial Extractions’ brings some rotten old-school influences to the fore, and the contrasting tonality of the guitars adds to the cavernous persona of the band. Guttural belches reverberate with the heavy drums and slow chugging riffs. Each track incubates and morphs slowly before the onslaught reaps the growing intensity of the guitar riffs. Gut-wrenching growls resound from the deep with the slow filthy guitar tone sounding dense and heavy. Fleshrot also burrows some sludgy elements and succeeded in nailing its own rancid sound.

In Filth and Pain’ is a straightforward track delivered organically in a simplistic fashion. There are some enjoyable moments that offer fast drumming while the guttural tone draws you into the absolute filth. ‘Unburied Corpse’ is far from being an original album, but all these remarks are unnecessary as the music is packed full of sick and grimy riffs. Although I had no high expectations for this album, the Texan quartet managed to offer me a foul dish for fans of old-school death metal. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about the album here, even its short duration of 27 minutes feels ideal for what the band has presented here.

The final track ‘Haunted of Sick Depravities’ brings solid drumming and sick guttural growls. The song hinges on heavy guitar riffs, but there is some foul nastiness in the tone of the guitars. Dual growls and snarls are laden with memorable guitar sections while the drums keep the tempo gripping.


  • Music / Songwriting 8/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 8/10
  • Mix / Production 8/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 8/10

All in all, Fleshrot’s first studio album ‘Unburied Corpse’ is a damned good death metal record. If you crave a filthy slab of primitive death metal with hints from Autopsy and Vastum, then look no further.

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