Genocide Pact – Order of Torment

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The impact of bands like Cannibal Corpse and Incantation has always been inspiring many bands across the world. And for this reason we see new bands having the vitality of such bands who have defined the death metal genre. The American death metal trio Genocide Pact return with their second album entitled Order of Torment. The new album provides a pulverizing sound of heavy riffs and grooves, while adopting the Swedish death metal style into their new tracks. After the sophomore album, Genocide Pact refreshing sound seems to be energized with a new formula of brutality. Genocide Pact happens to be the first band that releases a death metal album in 2018. Order of Torment delivers forty minutes of traditional death metal music.

Their opening track Conquered and Disposed circulates mostly on heavy grooves of swooping death metal assault. The album offers eight tracks of heavy and crunchy grooves, mixing old school death metal with deep growls and mid paced.

Some of the tracks on the new album can be compared to Gatecreeper, where the HM2 distortion does its great job in providing the death metal raw sound to the new tracks. Order of Torment implements a good example of demonstrating the modern death metal sound with the classic death metal. It’s not necessary that Genocide Pact endeavors to create something new within the genre of death metal. Relapse Records has done an excellent job in signing Genocide Pact. One of the highlight tracks on this album is Structural Dissolution which  defines this band, the intense pummeling drum beats and the heavy grooves are well balanced. The deep guttural vocals are the main focal point of Genocide Pact, the riffs in this track are heavy and provide a meaty chunk of death metal.

Another track that caught my attention while listening to this sophomore record is Ascendancy Absolved, where the riffs are executed very well and the combining solos in the middle of the track are notable. There are many influences which the band has strained their musical influence from. And in my opinion bands like Obituary, Gatecreeper, and Incantation, are the main influences to Genocide Pact. The seventh track Authoritarian Impulse is an incredible example of how Genocide Pact prefers the mid paced and slow doom riffs over fast riffs. Finally this release  is satisfactory and inclusive in terms of quality riffs and above average musicianship. If you like your death metal powered with groove and heavy riffs at the same time then you will enjoy this record from start to finish, fans of death metal music will be delighted with this album.

Release date: February 2nd, 2018
Label: Relapse Records
1.Conquered and Disposed
2.Decimation Grid
3.Spawn of Suffering
4.Pain Reprisal
5.Ascendancy Absolved
6.Structural Dissolution
7.Authoritarian Impulse
8.Blood Rejection


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals7/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork7/10
  • Originality7/10
7.4Genocide Pact refreshing sound seems to be energized with a new formula of brutality.